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All about the weather really….

I’m sorry I haven’t been around much and I can’t see things improving over the next few weeks. #2 son is now home from university (he did very well – graduated with a 2.1 so we are well pleased with him!) This means increased laundry (he has SO many clothes, just washed 29 t-shirts) and as for food shopping – no matter how much I buy, we are constantly running out of supplies, he could eat for England.  He is very keen on cooking  and loves experimenting with new recipes – all good but he is not so good at the clearing up afterwards :-)

And the sun is shining and the garden is growing and it’s Wimbledon fortnight and next weekend it’s Glastonbury (cue the rain)…..OK, lame excuses I know but I’m doing my best – honest!

So, here you have edited highlights of my week.

The sun is shining and it’s Wimbledon – how bizarre! Roger Federer played Dominic Hrbaty yesterday,  an easy match for Roger with some very funny moments.

and a miracle shot from Dominic Hrbaty…

I’m going to Wimbledon on Friday so I hope the weather holds up and we get to see some good tennis. I have Centre Court tickets (although they are about as far back as you can get without actually sitting outside the court) but never mind. I shall see tennis, drink champagne and eat strawberries whatever.

Went for a walk on Sunday. The weather was fabulous and I passed through a field that had been seeded with wild flowers. It was very special, my photographs don’t really do it justice (you can enlarge it by clicking on it). Sort of makes up for the poppy disaster….

I took this one on my way home. I was driving along the coast road with the roof down, Coldplay blasting out on the radio and this view. Absolute bliss.

The Arum lilies in my garden are blooming and are quite stunning. I think I am starting to grow green fingers at last.

I have just finished reading the funniest book I have ever read. I cannot recommend this highly enough. This is it.

It’s a run through the last 2000 years of British history but it is is written in a wonderfully funny style. I was reading it on the train a week or so ago and I kept bursting out laughing. I caught the guy next to craning his neck trying to see what I was reading as I was giggling so much. I tell you, I learned more history reading this than I did in years of history lessons at school. I’ve been buying it for all my friends as I want everyone to read it. I bought three in a ‘3 for 2’ offer last week as gifts and the sales assistant said hesitantly ‘ You do know you have bought the same book three times – you don’t have to you know, you can buy 3 different books’. Der!

I’m off to Glastonbury on Saturday morning. I don’t know, Wimbledon on Friday, Glastonbury on Saturday and Sunday. No-one can accuse me of having a boring life. Of course, as the weather is very nice at the moment, I’m sure it will have changed by the weekend, this is an English summer after all, but hopefully it won’t be as bad as the first time I went!

This last photograph always amuses me. If you look closely, you can see the stall selling …… Glastonbury Spring Water. Erm, no thanks!

Apologies if I haven’t dropped round your blog for a while, I intend to try and have a catch up night tonight….see you later.

A very good day


I’m not a great fan of brown and black together but this paper, a Japanese Chiyogami, works surprisingly well. I had an email from Falkiners yesterday, thanking me for mentioning them so often in my blog and saying they like what I do with their papers! I was really chuffed that they had noticed – and that they are going to send me a little reward next time I place an order. Excellent news!

My good friend, Kim who also features regularly on this blog has two of her own. One is a blog to showcase her award winning art – in fact if you remember, I won a portrait by her in a competition she ran over at her blog Laketrees last year, and her second blog is a poetry blog called PoeArtica.

She is a always supportive and enthusiastic in her comments about my work. Yesterday, she created an award called the Significant Blogger Award She said this about it.

I have designed another Award to recognise Bloggers who make a significant contribution to my blogging world here at laketrees….These special friends have a sense of community and are wholeheartedly committed to spreading their message and friendship generously…these Bloggers excel in many different areas and all of them make a significant difference to my world….I do not expect you to pass this award on as this award is from me to you as my expression of gratitude


She very kindly awarded this to the following people.

Anand Archie Art News Blog Ascender Blog Elf Boyd Catsy Colin Cooper Corrine Debbie Deborah Diane DouDy Drowsey Monkey Durano Ev Fruity Hanna Janette Jeremy John Jos Kimmy Kris Leigh Life cruiser Lisa Lyn Lynda Lindsay Manuel Mary Ann Meg Megan Mel Michelle Netster PALMA Pet Monologues Pearl Renny & Diane Santa She Walks In Beauty Shoshana Should Be Famous Snoskred Speedy Sue Sugar Queen Sully Suzanne The Artist’s Magazine Vin Walter williebaronet

Thanks, Kim. I think it should be you getting awards for your generosity of spirit.

All in all, yesterday was a pretty good day. I was away visiting a friend for a couple of days. On my way back, I stopped off and had a little retail therapy in Sherborne, a very picturesque little town with a beautiful abbey and two castles – one built by Sir Walter Raleigh in the 16th century and the ruins of an earlier 12th century one.


Astonishingly, I found the boots I had been searching high and low for for months, in a little shop in this sleepy market town. Perfect shape, in the sale, one pair left, my size. Meant to be. When I got home, there was a letter telling me that I had been succesful in the ballot for Wimbledon tickets and I have two Centre court tickets. Woo hoo!

As yesterday was the day which shall not be mentioned, I wasn’t going to mention the non-arrival of a small mountain of cards and bouquets to my humble abode but the day has been redeemed and my lucky streak continues. I am so honoured, humbled and chuffed to bits to receive the following from none other than Lord Likely.


In his own inimitable words

What with it being the season of love and romance, I should just like to take a moment to give a few honourable mentions to those fine ladies I have recently encountered, and whom I have deemed to be entirely exquisite and with whom I would very much like to procreate with, given half a chance. “

The lucky ladies chosen for this accolade are:
Nurse Myra; Claire; Chelle, The Offended Blogger; Dame Beenzzz; JD of I Do Things; Diane Aldred from Much of Muchness; the ever-radiant Paula; the delightful Valerie Morrison; and dear Lady Terri

What can I say? Best offer I’ve had all year…..