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Wii love tennis….


I suppose this a token gesture to that dreadful day which is looming. You know the one, when greeting card companies and florists all over the world start rubbing their hands together with glee and doubling or even trebling their prices (I know, I used to have a florist business at Heathrow Airport). So in honour of the day which shall remain nameless here is my Heart book.

Now I have been looking into finding a chap for a V day date and have come up with a very cunning plan.

Unless George is getting wise to this ploy and won’t fall for it a second time….

Anyway, I’m a bit premature with this V Day talk, so I’ll change the subject. Have you got a Nintendo Wii? (OK so that was a bit of a left turn at the lights but I did say I’d change the subject…) We have just got one. I had heard that they were incredibly difficult to find over the Christmas period, so I waited until just afterwards and found one quite easily.


It was bought as a surprise for my sons but I love it so much it is ridiculous. I love Wii Sports, we play tennis, golf and bowling (haven’t tried boxing or baseball yet!) and it is almost like playing a real game. Well, without the running which was never my favourite bit anyway. It can be incredibly energetic though and far removed from sitting in front of an old style games console just exercising your thumbs! Last night, my son who is away at uni, rang to say his house mate had just brought his Wii back to the their house, so we connected them up to the internet and we were able to send messages to each other. I’m not sure if we can play games against each other as well but it would be cool if we could, I must find out. I think it’s brilliant fun for all the family. And if you were wondering why Wii consoles are so scarce…click on the thumbnail to find out.


Vote for me or I’ll……make another book!

I really like this book. The cover is a Japanese Silk bookcloth from Falkiners. It is a rich red with a grey slub, so classy! I also love the paper inside. I think I bought this one from Paper Source when I was in Los Angeles, it has been waiting for the perfect companion and I think this is it.

Dear Kim over at Laketrees nominated me in three categories of the Bloggers Choice awards the other day. I am almost embarrassed to tell you the categories but as I would like your votes I shall :-) Unfortunately, they spelled my URL incorrectly and in correcting the error, they deleted Kim’s vote for me, so I am feeling like Billy No-Mates with no votes (instead of Billy One-Mate with one vote!) :-(

So all I can say is ‘Vote for me! Yay!’ :-)

My site was nominated for Best Blog Design!My site was nominated for Best Photography Blog!
My site was nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger!

I played tennis this morning at the local tennis club. I joined a ‘ladies’ morning’ and it is more of a fun, coaching session than my usual doubles game. It probably involved a lot more running around so I really feel like it will do me good on a lot of levels, I will meet some new people, get fit and improve my tennis – result! It was raining when we started to play but by the time we had finished, the sun had come out and it had turned into a really nice day.

When I got home, I wandered around my garden for the first time in ages and was surprised to see how many signs there were that spring is approaching. Well, that or that global warming has finally hit Dorset. Lots of flowers were out – and I’m sure that apart from the snowdrops, they are early. I took some photographs to show you.


I’m actually feeling quite cheery today for the first time in ages. Long may it continue!

Butterflies and butterfingers


This is a book made with one of the Italian graphic papers (bought from the States) with a Japanese paper (bought in the UK) inside. A veritable United Nations of a book! I’m not entirely sure I like it – I think the Italian papers make the books look too ‘manufactured’ (although as that translated from the Latin means ‘made by hand’ it is actually appropriate) I probably mean ‘machine made’. Anyway I expect you get my drift. They don’t look as homemade as the others somehow.

I think I am getting RSI or something. My right wrist is very achey and tingly . I notice it hurts when I am cutting the board for the covers with a knife, using my mouse and horror of horrors, when I am playing tennis. I have bought a mouse mat which has a wrist support which seems to help a bit, but I think it’s cutting the board which causes the problem.

It’s not my tennis racquet as I have been using my faithful old Head TiS6 for about 6 years now and I still love it as much as I ever did (which for me is quite something, I am usually very fickle and prone to leaping onto the next trend). I just looked it up on the Tennis Company web site and it says that it is America’s # 1 best selling tennis racquet and I notice they are selling it for $76.95 or two for $71.95 each, which as the original price is $249.95 is quite a bargain! It is very good for tennis elbow sufferers and has a huge ‘sweet spot’.



Anyway, I’m pretty sure it can’t be my racquet that is causing the problem. I shall have to look into other ways of cutting the greyboard. Madame La Guillotine anyone?