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Strawberries and cream

Here it is. The super book, the ratings winner! I give you – the strawberry book! It’s a photograph of strawberries printed onto ink jet linen book cloth. I dithered for ages wondering what colour ribbon to use – red just blended in too much, my green ribbon wasn’t the right shade of green – and then it hit me. Strawberries and cream – why not? This is the original photograph, you can see the colours are much more vivid but I quite like the weathered look of the image when printed onto the linen

I had some visitors yesterday. They had obviously left their wives at home looking after the kids and were on a boys day out…they were so sweet. They were six ducks who have visited several times before and explored all the garden, much to the consternation of my neighbour’s cat who was very intrigued and one day, lay in wait behind a plant pot waiting to ambush them. (The photo is blurred but you get the picture!) The ducks just looked at the cat disdainfully and waddled back to the river and swam off.

Poor kitty. Still, he’s no hunter but he can always get a job with one of these kitties. Maybe this is where the word caterwauling comes from….

Anyways, I’m off to watch ‘Heroes’. Series two is just starting -I’m so excited. For those of you who didn’t see Series 1 or need a quick catch up….

Got that? Save the cheerleader, save the world.