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Stormy weather


This is another of my photographs printed onto inkjet bookcloth. I love anemones – such jolly flowers and just my colour palette!


It’s a very strange day weatherwise. It started out sunny and then turned showery – hailstones at one point, I took the photograph this morning. It was pouring with rain yet the sun was shining. I rushed to see if I could see a rainbow and there was one but it was very low in the sky – presumably because the sun was. I’ve never seen one like it before. It doesn’t show up too well on this image but you might be able to make it out just behind the tree in the distance. They have forecast the ‘worst storms of the year’ tonight which coinciding with high Spring tides, are forecast to bring flooding. Wonderful. I’m on flood watch again….


It’s now 10.30. The wind is picking up and I have battened down the hatches! I don’t expect I’ll be playing tennis in the morning…