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Sun is shining…


This is another book I have made using the inkjet linen book cloth and one of my images – in this case, a photograph of a place in south Wales called Southerndown. I used to live in Cardiff and Southerndown was one of our favourite places to go for a walk at the weekend. This is the original photograph.


As you can see, the colours aren’t quite as vibrant when printed on the bookcloth but it still looks really good – well, I think so. It’s a gorgeously sunny day today, so I am off out later with my camera to take some more shots to turn into book covers….


Kim over at Laketrees recently received this award from Colin over at Life, who had received it from another Kim over at purplefrogcat.
Kim at Laketrees then passed it on ( I hope you are keeping up with all this!) to ‘seven sweeties who exude sunshine and serenity where ever they go’

Mary Ann Diane Lynda Ev Corrine Kris and Shoshana

Thank you Kim! What a nice thing to say! I am going to pass it on to

Struggling Writer for always being supportive and enthusiastic about my books and writing great stories

Tulibri for always offering advice, support and inspiration

mywoodenrobot for setting up Apt1310G, and inviting me to join in

Bijoux and Banter for inviting me to sell my books in France!

Speedcat Hollydale for Wordless Chicken Tuesdays. RIP.

RennyBA and DianeCA for sharing their inspirational lives with us

Creechman who doesn’t do tags or memes but needs thanking anyway….

Now, in the worst link ever, I am going to post several things which have ‘brightened up my day’ this week. All completely different, all completely mad, all made me laugh.

This first video is a football match where the players have binoculars strapped to their heads. Oh and they are wearing stripey pyjamas. And the referee is a rabbit. Only in Japan….

It is little wonder this great creature failed to continue its lineage: with no ears it could not sustain a top hat upon its head and thereby expired from lack of common dignity.


The Royal family on a day out.