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Butterflies and butterfingers


This is a book made with one of the Italian graphic papers (bought from the States) with a Japanese paper (bought in the UK) inside. A veritable United Nations of a book! I’m not entirely sure I like it – I think the Italian papers make the books look too ‘manufactured’ (although as that translated from the Latin means ‘made by hand’ it is actually appropriate) I probably mean ‘machine made’. Anyway I expect you get my drift. They don’t look as homemade as the others somehow.

I think I am getting RSI or something. My right wrist is very achey and tingly . I notice it hurts when I am cutting the board for the covers with a knife, using my mouse and horror of horrors, when I am playing tennis. I have bought a mouse mat which has a wrist support which seems to help a bit, but I think it’s cutting the board which causes the problem.

It’s not my tennis racquet as I have been using my faithful old Head TiS6 for about 6 years now and I still love it as much as I ever did (which for me is quite something, I am usually very fickle and prone to leaping onto the next trend). I just looked it up on the Tennis Company web site and it says that it is America’s # 1 best selling tennis racquet and I notice they are selling it for $76.95 or two for $71.95 each, which as the original price is $249.95 is quite a bargain! It is very good for tennis elbow sufferers and has a huge ‘sweet spot’.



Anyway, I’m pretty sure it can’t be my racquet that is causing the problem. I shall have to look into other ways of cutting the greyboard. Madame La Guillotine anyone?