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This book is in response to a request for a lined book. I had to buy a ready made book block from Falkiners because of the difficulties in preparing lined paper for an A5 sized book which I have moaned about before. It also means I can’t do a ribbon binding, so I went all out for groovy paper to compensate! This is a fuschia pink flocked paper from Paperchase and I have used fuschia pink silk book cloth for the spine. It actually looks quite glamorous.

As promised here are some more photographs of my automata collection. These two are from Dansel Gallery as mentioned yesterday. The caption on this one says

‘Before developing fangs and branching out into the movies, the Vampire Bat had a hard time scaring anybody’.


This penguin one says:

‘The new species of Clown Penguin was short lived as his traumatised mother never laid another egg’.


This one is very hard to photograph and do justice to but it is my latest acquisition. I bought it from ‘The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre’.


The caption reads ‘The Invisible Man and the Invisible Woman on their honeymoon’. When you turn the handle, the bed bounces up and down and rocks about while the bed makes the sound of a loud creaky, boinging spring. I love it. On the side of this model, there is a sticker which reads ‘

It is terribly wrong to assume that sex is simply a matter of mechanics. A diet of wild life shows has made us think that if a creature as unimaginative as a badger can enjoy a full and varied sex life then we should take to it like ducks to water. No‘.