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It’s windy out….

I love the colours of this book. I’ve always been a fan of lime green and navy blue and this Japanese Katazome-shi stencilled paper from Falkiners (where else) is very pretty indeed.

As you can see from the photographs it is still very sunny here in Dorset. We have had a really long spell of clear sunny days – a bit chilly perhaps but it’s so wonderful to see the sun. It encourages me to take long walks on the beach. I went a couple of evenings ago and watched the sun go down – so lovely, here are some shots I took.

It wasn’t the best sunset I have ever seen at Hive Beach but it was quite nice. Here are a couple of shots I took a couple of years ago. It was earlier in the year and there were a couple of nights when the sunsets were breathtaking. These photographs don’t really do justice to the colours in the sky but do give you an idea how stunning it was.

Today, I went for a walk along the cliff tops. Although the sun was shining there was a freezing easterly wind blowing which was at our backs on the way out but in our faces on the way back. I thought my ears were about to drop off. Here’s a shot of how rough the sea was as we set off on our walk.

Luckily, at the end of the walk, we stopped for lunch at the Hive Beach Cafe and devoured a bowl of wonderful Spicy Seafood Soup with a huge chunk of granary bread. It was delicious and I guess, quite a healthy lunch, which was good as the purpose of all this walking is to try and lose some weight before the holiday season kicks in. So I resisted the temptations of scones, Dorset Apple cake and other yumminesses on display – but it was very hard for someone who has no will power whatsoever. Luckily, my skinny friend has loads (which must be why she is thin) and I was shamed into resistance. On a nice day, (ie warm) everyone sits outside and enjoys the view and the sunshine but today everyone was packed inside keeping out of the icy wind, so we had to share a table with a couple who tucked into ham, egg and chips, followed by a huge slab of carrot cake with a lime frosting – so you can see how I suffered.

Not much else to report really. I received this in an email the other day. It reminded me of the days when I used to have cats, the days before they decided they preferred my next door neighbour to me and moved in there…..

and there is another one….

How true.

Come to sunny Dorset?

This paper is one from Falkiners, ( gratuitous mention!) it’s a Japanese Chiyogami, which I have actually used before but in a black/red colour way. I think I like the black one best but the yellow is very Spring-like and jolly. They remind me of a Rennie Macintosh design.

Now then, brace yourselves for another Dorset geography lesson! I went for a walk this morning the sun was shining although rain was forecast, so it seemed churlish not to make the most of the beautiful weather we have been having. I went to my favourite spot, Hive Beach (my header image was taken there) but instead of walking along the beach to the east (as in my header image) I went to the west. The tide was in so I couldn’t walk along the beach. I walked along the cliff tops instead. The cliffs are amazing, they are made of layers of sandstone and are called Hive cliffs.

These are some other photographs I took a while back when the tide was out.

It’s a lovely walk along the cliff top but the edge is very dangerous at it is crumbling and prone to slipping.

I think you will agree that the views are very special. I do have a big problem though. The footpath eventually leads to this.

A huge caravan park (it’s about 4 or 5 times the size you can see on this photograph) and in my mind it’s a huge blot on the landscape. I know it’s only fair to share this beautiful coast and I know that I am very lucky to live in an area where people pay to come on holiday but really! These caravans are so ugly and so WHITE! No attempt to blend into the landscape. I must admit they are my pet hate. But then on my way back, I passed this

The white houses are on the top of the cliffs overlooking the beach, one is a hotel and the other is a house belonging the Billy Bragg, the singer. Every time I walk past them I wish I lived there.

Today I thought “Actually, are they any less of a blot on the landscape?’ They are also big and white and I suppose spoil the view – perhaps not so much as a huge caravan park covering acres of land but they are just as conspicuous in their way. Am I being a hypocrite? Or even worse, a snob? What do you think?

The eyes have it


This book uses a photograph I took when I was in Switzerland last year. I loved the patterns that the snow made lying on the fir tree branches. As usual I have printed it onto the inkjet bookcloth and this time, I have used a grey and silver Indian paper from Paper Source for the end paper. The book is a different size than I usually make. I buy this cartridge paper in pads of 100 sheets. They are unusually, square 250mm x 250mm and I normally make small square journals out of them. I decided to make this long rectangular book for a change. This is the original photograph, taken in Crans Montana.


Well, we survived the storms. It is still pretty windy but not as bad as Monday – the worst of the weather has moved north, (I hope Number 2 son is OK.) We have had some very rough weather and I thought you might like to see some shots of the sea at West Bay.


I spent yesterday morning at the eye hospital. I had a routine eye examination a couple of years ago and the ophthamologist spotted a ‘grey patch’ on my retina which I had to have checked out at the hospital. I was told (and I quote) it was ‘either a freckle or a melanoma’. Marvellous. No prizes for guessing which I hoped it was…. I now have to have it checked every year to see if it is growing. Luckily, it seems to be fairly static, so it is looking like it’s a freckle!

It’s a straightforward procedure, I have eye drops put in which make my eyes feel numb, as apparently the next lot of drops which dilate my pupils, would otherwise sting. I then have a really bright light shone into my eyes so the consultant can look at my retina and measure the spot. The problem arises afterwards as the drops make my eyes blurry and extremely sensitive to light, so a friend had to give me a lift home as I couldn’t drive and I had to risk looking like a sad, aspiring celeb wanabe by wearing my sunglasses on a very rainy day when I went shopping. I wasn’t asked for my autograph though as I looked like a dog’s breakfast. I was wearing no make up (because of the eye exam) and because it was so windy, I couldn’t keep an umbrella up, my hair was soaking wet and looked like I had been dragged through a bush backwards. The squinty eyed/sunglasses look was not my best look either. Just as well I was with an understanding girlie friend and wasn’t out to impress anyone.

By the way, on the dating front, (tenuous link anyone?) from my vast experience of trying to find Mr. Right and my store of helpful dating tips, here is some advice for you ladies still searching for ‘The One’.

and as for you potential Mr Rights out there…
Perhaps it’s best to just be natural…. and just in case, you can’t tell the difference, here’s a warning for you.