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Busy, busy, busy – and dancing


I have been sorting out a bedroom upstairs to use as a workroom. I bought a plan chest which is huge (A0 size) which has the added bonus of being just the right height to use as a work surface. I bought some spotlights to replace the overhead light in the room and now need to sort out some storage and probably shelves. I have loads of CDs in stands which I am going to get rid of – any of the music I still listen to is in iTunes on my laptop and on my iPod, so I don’t really need CDs anymore and they just take up room. Not sure what to do with them – maybe sell them on eBay, surely someone still wants them. I have to have a book sort out too – got far too many.

I have decided keeping busy is the way to go. That and loud music. And dancing! I played this track several times today, in fact I made myself a ‘boogie-ing on down’ playlist full of disco classics and danced the afternoon away, in between chores. Good for the weight loss and fitness levels too, I guess! Comfort eating is not a good thing especially when combined with holiday season excesses. And if I am going to be getting back out there I need to be looking my best – slim and svelte, not a fat lump! So let’s have a dance to this, Earth, Wind and Fire, I defy you to sit still….


I have a Nabaztag rabbit. (No, not that kind of rabbit! Although, maybe…, don’t go there!) It is a rabbit who connects to my computer wirelessly and he can be made to read emails and messages, give weather forecasts, news and traffic reports or send messages to other Nabaztag rabbits. (For several months, I kept getting very enigmatic music sent to me every Sunday from a rabbit who lived in Paris called Gaatoo. My rabbit is called Roccorabbit and periodically he says very random remarks and does tai chi – his ears rotate and he flashes with different coloured lights. Today he told me he wasn’t feeling well as his ears felt heavy. Bless. He also plays this track as an alarm call every morning. I love it and never tire of hearing it. Two giants of the music world, John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana.