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No books, just stuff…


One of those nights last night. Woke at 3.35 am and couldn’t get back to sleep so I switched the light on and then read for an hour. Fell asleep for 30 minutes and woke again and read until 6.30, got up made tea, went back to bed then fell into a deep sleep and was nearly late for tennis this morning….and what a game it was . It was very windy so it was hard to play and the gusty wind made it very interesting, especially wearing so many layers of clothing, it was hard to move one’s arms properly, but play we did and had a great time.

When I got back, my flowers from the Go!Smell the Flowers competition had arrived and they are beautiful as you can see – and I have still got another 11 deliveries to send where I want over the next year! What a great prize. Thanks so much, Jim and Em!

I was reading the latest post over at Kim @ Laketrees. To find that she has featured….guess who?…..ME! Hurrah for Kim! She has been nominated for several blogging awards (including Hottest Mommy Blogger) over at the Bloggers Choice Awards. She was nominated by Sue@BloggingSueblimely (what a great name) who has in turn been nominated for several awards. I headed over and voted for both of them as they both have fantastic blogs and deserve to win :-)

Kim also posted a great cartoon from Dave Walker @ Weblog cartoons (who also drew the ‘procrastination cartoon’ I posted a couple of days ago) about organising your desk. It’s very good and I thought I would follow Kim’s lead and post a photograph of my desk so you can see where I am writing this.


The key things to notice in this photograph are my MacBook Pro which is my baby and I love it. If you click on the photograph you can see a close up of my desktop photo which I think is beautiful. Three printers. Yes, three. One is a combination printer/scanner/copier so I keep it even though the printer no longer works well with my Mac, the other is an ordinary photo printer which has now been superceded by the third, which is a new A3+ size printer I have just bought so I can put into action a cunning idea I have had for my books. And then there is the spaghetti junction going on underneath. Bit like me really. On the surface all is tidy and organised, underneath turmoil :-)


Hiding behind the Mac are three pots of pens and pencils, three staplers (why?) four packs of various highlighter and felt pens. Who says I am obsessed with stationery? There is a stamp which I used when I was doing my teacher training which says


and some book marks which have spaces for smiley face stickers which I used to give the children when they were good (a little bribery goes a long way)

I also have some speakers on my desk so I can listen to music and a clock and weather forecaster so I can see what the weather is doing in case I forget to look out of the window. It is radio controlled and is supposed to set the time itself. At the moment it is saying it is 6.34pm on the 8th January even though my Mac says it is 5.50pm and it is the 21st January. I think it might be broken…

So I dare you, post a photograph of your desk and computer desktop. Does it say much about you?

My Zen-like calm…


Every so often I make a book that I’m really not sure works. I have had this stencilled Katazome-shi paper for ages. In fact it is one of the first papers I ever bought from Falkiners. It has such a retro ‘feel’ and very strong colours and I have never been able to find anything that complemented it. I bought this marbled paper from Falkiners last week. It is a from a range of hand marbled papers by Ann Muir. The colours are almost exactly the same as the colours in the Japanese cover paper so I thought it would work but having made the book, I’m not so sure….

It ought to work, I usually choose the two papers by making sure that the inside paper has some of the colours from the cover paper and if it is a different pattern, that doesn’t usually matter as long as one is less ‘busy’ than the other. I think that’s the problem here. They are both too ‘busy’ and so it doesn’t quite work even though the colours are perfect and each paper is fabulous in it’s own right. Definitely a case where ‘less’ would have been ‘more’.

So far this year, I have won a competition over at Go! Smell the Flowers. The prize was a year’s supply of flowers from Flora 2000 – an incredibly generous prize and my first lot should arrive on Monday. Yesterday I heard from Suburose that I had won her crafty giveaway this week! How thrilling! Every week, at her blog Subu, Inc, (which is a showcase for her beautiful recycled notebooks), she has a different giveaway, this week’s is described as follows

…comes from the wonderful and talented Margaret of MargaretsWorld. This is a one of a kind 6×7 collage on wood based on a drawing entitled: “In the Octopus’ Garden”


Margaret constructs her art from found, recycled or otherwise discarded things [which makes me love her even more!]. She uses sculpture as well as two-dimensional material, such as canvas or water color paper in a collage format. all items are one of a kind.

If you want to see more work by Margaret, please feel free to visit her etsy site or her personal website [which houses some amazing pieces].’

I also received a beautiful calendar from Kim at Laketrees this week. It showed gorgeous views of the area in Australia around where Kim lives. This was a prize in a sort of supplementary quiz in her terrific ‘Win a Portrait for Christmas’ competition which was won by Colin over at Life.

I think my luck is finally changing! Now I’m don’t really follow horoscopes (except when it says something nice!) I’m a Scorpio and when I read last week that my ruling planet, Pluto is finally moving out of something or other (where it has been since the mid 1990’s) into something or other else this week, so my life is about to change, I was rather pleased. (Until my son pointed out that technically Pluto isn’t classed as a planet anymore so I am being ruled by a big lump of rock – but that’s another story….)

I am convinced that 2008 is going to be a good year, I checked out Pluto and it has been downgraded – but only to a dwarf planet, according to NASA, so that’s good enough for me. I just re-read the horoscope and it actually sounds like it could go either way…this is Shelley von Strunkel in the Sunday Times:

Keeping your nerve during this period of change isn’t easy. Much of your life, and your perspective on the future, is shifting. Some is by design, but just as much involves changes you neither anticipated nor initiated. Obviously, your instincts are telling you to scramble to save what’s worthwhile. But with your ruler, Pluto, moving into a new sign next week — for the first time since the mid-1990s — things can’t remain as they were. Because this influences others and circumstances as much as it does you, it’s a waiting game. Undertake this with a Zen-like calm and you’ll begin this new chapter in the best possible state of mind. “

Well, she was right about the unanticipated, uninitiated changes but the more I read this, the more ambiguous and scary it becomes. All I know is I must think positive and cultivate my Zen-like calm… :-)