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Festive greetings!


Because I know he won’t read my blog before Christmas Day, here is a sneak preview of the photograph album I made today as a gift for our Christmas visitor. It has really turned out well and I am using my favourite combinations of papers, combined with a beautiful aqua coloured bookcloth, so if you are thinking you have seen these papers before – well, you have!

I saw this cartoon earlier and it made me laugh so here it is for you to enjoy.


Talking of supermarkets (notice the smooth segue) I have just returned from doing the big Christmas food shop. I was there just before 9am – and all the trolleys had gone and the queues for the checkouts stretched down the length of each aisle. Everyone was surprisingly stoic about it and we were all chatting away very nicely, unfortunately we ended up queuing along the chocolate/sweets/cake aisle so it was very tempting and we probably ended up with a few too many chocolate treats – particularly as one of our quartet is diabetic and one is vegan, so only Number 2 son and I can eat them…… :-)

We are having goose this year for the first time – we usually have turkey so that should be interesting. The biggest challenge has been cramming the food in the fridge – and I have a big fridge! My tree is up finally – of course one of the two sets of lights didn’t work and I couldn’t find the spare bulbs so I had to go and buy new ones and I bought the wrong ones, so I bought more and changed them and they still don’t work, so I am about to go through them checking every each individual bulb. Every year….same thing.

Happy Christmas!