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Feeling light headed…


This sweet little diary is a ready made text block from Paper Source. It only measures 6″ x 3″, so is pocket sized and was really fun to make. No groovy inside cover paper with these ready made books, but in this case the cream inside paper matches the cream dots on the orange cover paper so it looks OK.

I have just returned from the hairdressers and now look like Katie Holmes. Well, Katie Holmes’ big sister. Oh all right then , Katie Holmes’ mum. It’s actually rather nice, I think and certainly feels much lighter and less – well, droopy, I guess. Only problem with it I can see is that my neck feels chilly so I shall be wearing more scarves! So, new year, new hairdo. Let’s see if my new swotty reading glasses and my Katie Holmes’ hairdo can bring some luck my way!


The weather forecast in the UK is set to turn cold. I’m a bit concerned that all the flowers which ventured out into the unseasonal warmth last week, will be caught by frosts and icy blasts. Let’s hope not. We often have a nasty, cold February, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by a cold snap but I have been lulled into a false sense of security and have taken the extra blanket off my bed. (I’m a sheets and blankets girl – no duvet for me!) I may have been a bit premature.

I was searching through some old photographs on my laptop, and I found a copy of what is possibly, my favourite photograph in the world. It’s by the Swiss Magnum photographer, RenĂ© Burri. I don’t know what it is about this image but I could look at it for hours. It was taken in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1960. I saw a print of it in a gallery in London last year and fell in love with it and one day I hope to have a copy of it. In the meantime, I shall content myself with this small version on my laptop…if you click on this thumbnail you can see a larger version than my blog allows.


My number 1 son got a digital SLR camera for Christmas and is now deeply into photography. He wants to do a photography course so we are busy researching places he could go. Only problem I foresee is that I am fast running out of wall space. My art collection was boosted by the addition of all the lovely photographs my erstwhile photographer ex took and gave me (not husband ex but recently departed beloved boyfriend ex) which I still love and I have been taking photographs myself which might be worthy of framing, so if Number 1 son starts, we shall just have to move to a house with more wall space. Anyway, that’s a nice problem to have – a surplus of wonderful paintings and photography is not really a problem at all in my book.

Anyway, I’m off to admire my hair – I just hope it looks as good when I have to do it myself…..