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It’s not really a secret….

I was visiting AmyH’s lovely blog to drool over her lovely new studio and I saw that she had made a book using a binding I hadn’t tried before and even better, she had included a tutorial showing how to do it. It’s called a Secret Belgian Binding. (I’m not sure if the binding or the Belgian is secret). However, never one to resist a challenge, I had a go and actually found it quite easy to follow BUT my book (unlike Amy’s) does have a couple of big errors. It looks fine on the outside.


Inside is where it all starts to go pear-shaped. I followed the instructions to the letter but two things went wrong. I ended up having to join two lengths of thread and didn’t realise the knot would show if I joined them where I did – I’ll know better next time. And the three sections – front cover, spine and back cover, have to be held in place using masking tape AFTER you have covered them with the decorative paper and unfortunately, it stuck to the inside paper when I peeled it off. Next time I will not use such a rough finished paper as the masking tape didn’t stick to the outside paper which is much smoother.


Anyway, I loved this binding and it is actually, quite easy to do, so I shall definitely try it again. It requires lots of very precise measuring and cutting which I love so you will be seeing more of these!

Now, are you sitting comfortably? Got a few minutes to spare? Well, following on from yesterday’s post, here is my favourite penguin, Pingu. My boys and I used to LOVE watching this on TV when they were very small.

But not all penguins are cute….

as Wallace and Gromit found….

It’s true. Honest :-)

Just thought I would tell you about this amazing discovery….

Words of wisdom…


This book is in response to a request for a lined book. I had to buy a ready made book block from Falkiners because of the difficulties in preparing lined paper for an A5 sized book which I have moaned about before. It also means I can’t do a ribbon binding, so I went all out for groovy paper to compensate! This is a fuschia pink flocked paper from Paperchase and I have used fuschia pink silk book cloth for the spine. It actually looks quite glamorous.

As promised here are some more photographs of my automata collection. These two are from Dansel Gallery as mentioned yesterday. The caption on this one says

‘Before developing fangs and branching out into the movies, the Vampire Bat had a hard time scaring anybody’.


This penguin one says:

‘The new species of Clown Penguin was short lived as his traumatised mother never laid another egg’.


This one is very hard to photograph and do justice to but it is my latest acquisition. I bought it from ‘The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre’.


The caption reads ‘The Invisible Man and the Invisible Woman on their honeymoon’. When you turn the handle, the bed bounces up and down and rocks about while the bed makes the sound of a loud creaky, boinging spring. I love it. On the side of this model, there is a sticker which reads ‘

It is terribly wrong to assume that sex is simply a matter of mechanics. A diet of wild life shows has made us think that if a creature as unimaginative as a badger can enjoy a full and varied sex life then we should take to it like ducks to water. No‘.


Passionate about Polar Bears


This book is one I have made which I think would be a good kiddies book. I bought a few children’s printed papers, thinking they might be useful for covering photo albums for new babies but really there is no reason why they can’t be used for notebooks too.


I do like Polar Bears. Two of the funniest jokes I have ever heard involve Polar Bears. One was a very long and convoluted joke which can be strung out for ages by having the baby Polar Bear ask various Polar Bear relatives the same questions before springing the punch line. Here is the abridged version.

Baby Polar Bear says to Dad Polar Bear, ‘Am I a Grizzly Bear?’

Dad says ‘No, you are a Polar Bear’.

Baby Polar Bear then says, ‘Am I a Brown Bear?’

Dad says ‘No, I told you, you are a Polar Bear!’

Baby Polar Bear says ‘Am I a Koala Bear?’

Dad is now getting very exasperated and says ‘I just told you – you are a Polar Bear. Not a Brown Bear or a Grizzly Bear or a Koala Bear. Why are you asking such stupid questions?’

Baby Polar Bear: ‘ Because I’m bloody freezing!’

Well, it made me laugh.

The other joke is just as silly but does need some local knowledge….

Why don’t Polar Bears eat penguins?

At this point you are supposed to display your marvellous knowledge of the animal kingdom by saying that it’s because Polar Bears live at the North Pole and penguins live at the South Pole. To which I reply ‘No, it’s because they can’t get the wrappers off’. This joke is only funny if you know that Penguins are also a chocolate bar available in the UK…..


To end today’s post with a topical theme, here is a Polar Bear cartoon.