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Luscious leather

I have been getting all experimental. If you have a really good memory (and have been following my comings and goings for a few months) you may remember I tried one of these woven cover bindings a while back. The last one was made with card covers, this one uses foam sheets which I spotted in my local art shop – I liked the bright colours. They are quite fun to make but the foam sheets aren’t terribly sturdy so I may try it again using leather pieces.

I bought some leather samples from Hewits, it was a starter pack and they said it would contain six pieces of various colours of leather for £37. I thought this was a bargain so I ordered one and it arrived today. It’s amazing value – there are actually 10 large pieces and they are all great colours – I am well chuffed!

I was checking out Astrid’s wonderful blog (which she writes in German and then translates into English) and she has been trying out some of the two and three section bindings from Keith Smith’s book using leather from a leather furniture swatch book. They are amazing so I may use some of this leather to have a go at some of these too. Here’s my first effort…

It’s a very simple one but I hope my future efforts will improve and I intend to try some trickier ones now that I’ve got the hang of Keith Smith’s rather complicated instructions! This is the next one I want to try…

See what I mean? :-)

It may have to wait though as I am up to my eyes at the moment making photograph albums for two friends. One is for a birthday gift and the other is for a friend who has two huge albums which she bought years ago and she now needs a third one, so I am trying to make one to match the other two.  They are the largest books I have ever made so I am taking it slowly and hope to be able to show them to you as they progress. I am off to London tomorrow – to visit Falkiners for some paper and to go to Liberty to buy a birthday gift and I maybe also look for a dress for a birthday party on Saturday night.

I am going on the train as you may remember that I am rubbish at parking, so I avoid driving in London whenever possible. I have mentioned my parking phobia many times and today, I found the perfect method for successful parking in a confined space.

There. Sorted :-)



A headache or two….

This book is an experiment and gave me a bit of a headache. The covers are patterned polypropylene (try saying that that after a glass or two of wine) I bought it from Paperchase. It’s tricky to cut and get a neat edge as it is difficult to handle and quite slippery. I ended up cutting it roughly to size with scissors and then neatened the edges with a guillotine. I decided to do a coptic binding – and then decided to complicate things further by trying this – a ‘dos à dos’ binding – two books back to back. Each book has one front cover and shares the back cover.


I went up to London today to go to the ‘Affordable Art Fair’ which is held twice a year (Spring and Autumn) in Battersea, London. 120 galleries exhibit a wide range of paintings, sculpture and photography which has to cost less than £3000, so it’s often a good place to pick up some very good art at relatively reasonable prices or just have a good old mooch about to see what is going on. Some friends of mine have a lovely art gallery in Totnes, Devon called White Space and they exhibit at the Spring fair so I was going up to see them.

White Space is owned by Sarah Bowman, a talented painter, and her husband Joe White. I have known Sarah since she was a teenager and used to babysit my sons and I have been buying her paintings since then. She comes from a very talented family – her father, my great mate Mike is also an amazing painter as is her sister Vanessa. All their work was on sale at the Art Fair and it was selling like hot cakes!

This is one of Mike’s paintings – I am particularly fond of this as it is a view of Portofino in Italy, painted from a photograph I gave Mike which I took a few years ago. Mike specializes in Dorset and European landscapes.

This next one is by Sarah. She specializes in beautiful paintings like this one which combine landscape and still life. This one is a view of the Scilly Islands which are off the coast of Cornwall, in South West England.

And finally, this one is painted by Vanessa Bowman. This still life is typical of her work, beautiful interiors painted in jewel like colours with lots of lovely details like the little bird in the window….

I have a head cold and feel rough as rats today so be gentle with me. Here’s some advice…click to enlarge.
Apart from the Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer impersonation, my head feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool (no change there then, I hear you cry) but I managed to drive up to London and back in a day – on a Friday – in the rush hour. I am now officially exhausted. I hate driving in London. I get as far as Twickenham and I feel the stress levels ratchet up to 10. The traffic is appalling and everyone is impatient and I wasn’t sure how to get where I was going and where I was going to park when I got there – and you know how much I like parking – almost as much as this lady :)
Anyway, I managed to get to the Fair, without getting lost AND without entering the congestion charge zone AND I managed to park AND I bought a painting.
(We won’t mention that I couldn’t bring it home as I forgot it would be too big to fit in my car…..)