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Birthday surprises…

On my birthday, I was pleased and proud, nay, I was dead chuffed even, to be approved by the World Blog Council. It just goes to show what a lot of grovelling can achieve and that flattery really does get you anywhere. I am in such illustrious company, I can hardly believe I was accepted, so many thanks to the Prof., the Colonel, Frau von Sauertraut (great hairdo) and all at the World Blog Council. Their gracious comments are below this amazing badge which shows the other WBC approved blogs.


“A good Frau from Dorset with an almost unhealthy obsession with bookbinding. ‘Much of a muchness’ ist a delightful blog written by a woman of many talents. When she ist not hopping around the South of France or Kalifornia, her blogging ist a nice glimpse into the busy life of this creative empty nest. However, when I tried her ribbon binding tutorial, the Colonel ended up tied to his office chair with polka dots all over his popo. But this blogger also has gut hair so ja, this application ist approved”.

Frau von Sauertraut, Cultural Advisor

“Well – I believe our Cultural advisor has summed everything up beautifully and as I am still tied to my chair (obviously I’m dictating this to Ms Tutt) I feel duty bound to grant approval.

Now Frau von Sauertraut – tell me more about this ‘popo’ of mine and how do we get rid of these pesky polka dots…?”

Colonel Reginald Fotherington-Blogworthy II CEO, MD, ARSE

Aw shucks! I’m blushing!

And now for some more exciting news (well, for me anyway….) Here’s a clue.

My birthday ‘celebrations’ might be over, my lovely sons might have gone back to their respective homes and Milo might still be snuffling around, wondering where his new playmates have gone to and although I am sad , as always, when my boys leave, I am also REALLY EXCITED!! It’s been a wonderful few days, the climax of which was the presentation of my birthday present – a joint gift from my sons (and their dad) – an air ticket to Australia – the trip to be taken, as and when I like!

Once I had checked it was a return ticket and I wasn’t being transported to the colonies, I was absolutely thrilled. I am hoping that I can go early in the new year so that it will still be summer down under. I have several friends and a sister who live in various parts of Australia so I hope that I can get to see lots of places. I’m really getting the travel bug but this will be my biggest adventure yet so I am going to plan it carefully. I am open to suggestions of places I really MUST see. Here’s a little music to get me in the mood….

Now I’d better get in touch with my Antipodean friends and family to warn them….