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Statistics, damn statistics!

These papers are Japanese Chiyogami papers – nice book, I like this one although I don’t actually know why I bother. You may be wondering about the title for this post – it’s actually paraphrasing a quote by Mark Twain ‘Lies, damn lies and statistics!’ and here’s why….

WordPress have introduced a new dashboard. Not only can you see the statistics for the current day or week but you can see the stats for all-time since your blog started. Out of interest, I checked what the most popular search terms that people use to find this blog. Here is the first part of the result.

STRAWBERRY????? WHAT?? By an absolute mile and then some, the search for strawberry beats bookbinding by seven times! I suppose that there are other bookbinding terms such as book making (although some of those might be looking to place a bet!) or handmade books which if they were added together might help give the bookbinding numbers a boost but STRAWBERRY! Give me a break!

I am now throwing in the towel and for all you fruit fiends out there here are some more fruit shots. I raided my fridge and took these this morning. So for your enjoyment may I present BLUEBERRY!





I suppose that any means of attracting people to my blog is good. Maybe people looking for strawberries will see my books and stay around, who knows, but needless to say, the search is now on for paper with strawberries on it. I expect that if I could combine a book, strawberries and number three in the stats, wellies (wellies!) then my viewing figures would go through the roof. So I’m going to buy a pair of these, cut them up and make a book out of them.