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Out with the old, on with the new…


In keeping with the ‘think-positive-Spring-is-coming-whatever-you-do-SMILE’ mood I have decided to adopt, this book is particularly fresh, clean and bright. Actually, I’ve just noticed it matches my blog theme beautifully.

My New Years’ resolution to revamp myself continues. I have just found a hairstyle I like and after trying it out on Hairmixer have decided that it’s not bad at all and might be the way to go…. so thank you Katie Holmes – dodgy dress, bony shoulders, weird husband but nice hair!


I am also going to buy new glasses (for reading and now unfortunately, for driving too – I hate getting old) and have just spent an arm and a leg at my opticians buying some very groovy Prada specs.

I am also thinking of signing up to an internet dating site – not my first experience of this particular nightmare but I have to admit my last two relationships, which both lasted two years, came by this route and so I live in hope that third time will be lucky. At worst, internet dating provides some funny stories to regale my friends with and a few nice nights out. I seem to live in an area which is defying all government statistics as regards the divorce rate. All my friends are very happily married or coupled up and there seems to be a distinct lack of available men, as the only single guys I tend to meet are still single for very good reason. At my age the opportunities for meeting new people are few and far between – I go to the cinema or to dinner with friends – hardly the ‘meat market’ I remember bars and discos being in my younger days. All my girlie single friends are coupled up at the moment, so the internet it will have to be.

Actually, my heart sinks at the thought of it. Maybe it’s just too soon. I shall wait a while longer, maybe when the nights get lighter. All I seem to want to do these days is batten down the hatches, cuddle up warm and sleep! Internet dating is exhausting and you have to go through an awful lot of empty oysters before you find a pearl…