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Just when we were winning….


Last time I was in Falkiners, I bought some offcuts of leather and I am using a bit of one of these for the spine on this book. These Japanese Chiyogami papers are very pretty – especially the front cover paper and make this a very sweet photograph album. The cream leaves are interleaved with glasseine to protect the photographs.

I had a bit of a disaster today. I played tennis and it was a beautiful day. Sun was shining in a clear blue sky and although it was very cold to start, it soon warmed up and I ended up taking my jacket off, then my fleece and playing in a short sleeved t-shirt (and some track suit bottoms – it wasn’t that warm!) At the very end of the match, when we were winning 7 – 5, 5 – 4 and were at deuce, I ran for a low ball which had just made it over the net and as I reached out to get the ball, I wrenched a muscle in my back and couldn’t continue. My back is killing me. For the first time, I cursed my car which is a low sports jobbie as it was agony getting into it and driving home. I am now making the most of having Number 1 son here and am resting up while he cooks supper. Vegan something or other but anything I don’t have to cook is OK by me!

I can’t sit at my laptop for very long as my hideously complicated Aeron office chair is not set up properly and my back is killing me…back tomorrow, hopefully with chair or back sorted ….