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Travellers’ tales

I’m taking part in a book swap over at the Book Arts Forum the theme of the book has to be ‘My Town’. The idea is to make a book that tells my swap partner something about where I live. I have been throwing various ideas around and this is my first effort. I’m going to play about with this over the next few weeks.

It’s a bit too obvious, I think, so I’m going to try and see if I can think of another way to approach it…this is too much like a travel guide!

Talking of which….(groan!) I was reading the Travel section of the Sunday Times yesterday and saw this.

Is it just me or does this not seem right somehow? And the cheek of the thief to take the watch back! I was mugged once outside a busy supermarket in Antibes in France. A thief on a motor scooter grabbed my bag and drove off. I actually chased him (my ex said to me afterwards ‘What would you have done if you had caught him?’) I was so furious, adrenalin kept me going for several minutes but I then began to shake like a leaf. It was scary. This poor 73 year old must have been manhandled to get a watch off him – and then he gets into trouble. Seems all wrong to me.

And talking of being manhandled, check this out. This is the metro in Tokyo where smiling white gloved concierges are employed to help people onto the trains or as the Sunday Times puts it ‘to ram every last ounce of humanity into groaning metro trains’. Has to be seen to be believed! Breathe in!