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A very mixed bag…

It’s been a funny old couple of weeks since I last posted. Lots of good things happening and a few bad. The good things included me finding out I was a runner up in a photography competition I entered a few weeks ago. This is the image they liked, it’s East Cliff, West Bay, Dorset.


I’ve always liked this as we think that one of the clouds looks like Milo running across the sky. There is no prize for the runners up but we do get our photographs displayed in an exhibition so I am well pleased.

Another thing that has pleased me greatly was getting an orchid plant to flower for a second time. You know the ones – you buy them looking like this.


They flower for ages but eventually, all the blooms drop off and you try to follow the instructions to make it flower again. It tells you to cut it back to the first node which means in my book, you chop the flowering stem right back almost to the base to the first node from the bottom, so it ends up looking like this.


And so it remains until (if you are me) you lose patience, bin it and start again with a new one. However, I now discover that it means the first node FROM THE TOP  and lo and behold…


I have BUDS and NEW SHOOTS!! Glory be! There is hope for me as a gardener yet.

The other good news was seeing this on the Falkiners (now Shepherds) blog (which you can also reach from their web site). They have extended their famous and already impressive wall of paper and it now looks like this. I feel a trip to their fabulous shop coming on. They are also starting to run beginners courses and master classes – read all about it on their blog.


Other good things include my Dad’s 80th birthday weekend over Easter which passed smoothly. My niece arrived, terrified of dogs and screamed at the sight of Milo. With some patient intervention, she was transformed within 10 minutes into Milo’s biggest fan and she followed him around the house the entire visit. I almost had to check her bag to make sure she wasn’t smuggling him home with her. One of my sisters invited me to go sailing in Corfu with her and her husband in June – I accepted immediately and booked it all yesterday. Fab, can’t wait.


Needless to say Milo sulked for days after they went home.  The bad news also involves Milo. He is now 9 months old and after being a perfectly housetrained little sweetheart for most of this time, even learning to use the dog flap without prompting, he has suddenly started doing all sorts of unsavoury things like peeing all over the house and getting frisky with his toys and people’s legs. He has hit dog puberty! I’m hoping it’s just a phase he is going through but I’m going to talk to the vet and if this is likely to be a permanent problem – then I will have to make a big decision…

The book project continues. I have completed 7 books and matching clam shell boxes and am well into the 8th set. I ordered some new inkjet cartridges for my printer. It uses 10 different coloured pigment inks and the new set arrived today – in 10 separate padded envelopes. How wasteful and ridiculous is that?

To end, I want to point you to the Britweek website, it’s an event going on in Los Angeles to publicize the British contribution to LA life. This is my ex. He is now a rock star and a photographer and has an exhibition called ‘Poetry in the Streets’ at his gallery in LA. You can also see a video of him performing with his band GTA, at a Teenage Cancer Trust concert a few years ago at the Royal Albert Hall.



Musical friends


Back to the Chiyogami paper for this one although the inside is one of Paper Source’s Luxe designs, they do go together very nicely. I need to stock up on these Luxe prints as the striped and spotted papers in this range go so beautifully with the more highly patterned Japanese papers and I like mixing them together. I just wish that Paper Source would open an outlet in the UK and save me all the shipping costs. Maybe they would let me open a franchise over here!! Hello… Paper Source – anybody listening?

The makeover of a bedroom into my workspace has stalled, mainly because I have reached that stage where I have to start getting rid of stuff. It is SO time consuming disposing of STUFF that is too good to just bin but not needed any more. I talk of CD’s – all on my iPod now, books – mainly all the text books I bought when I did my teacher training, all my university notes, old TV’s, a printer which is broken and not fixable, some furniture and so it goes on. I think of just putting it all in the already overcrowded garage but then worry that it is damp in there and they will be ruined – plus I would need to carry it all down two flights of stairs. I think about it and think, oh just leave it and make another book….

Changing tack, one of my friends in Los Angeles, Julia, has just released her latest album. It’s called ‘China Blue’ and you can listen to tracks and buy the album over at Novatunes. It’s a bit different from her usual stuff in that it is more of a jazz album but it’s still really good. It includes a cover of the Michael McDonald classic ‘I Keep Forgetting’ and the great man himself duets with her. This is the CD cover – very classy!


Novatunes also has details of the artists’ tour dates and a bio. It’s a really good site and is trying to build up a community of people who buy from the site – you can add a profile, upload a photograph and meet people who like the same music as you do. I bought Julia’s album this morning and the whole process is very easy and unlike iTunes, you get a DP (digital package, which includes the album in several formats (mp3 and iPod ready AAC), a folder of photographs of the artist (jpg and pdf) and a video interview. You can also listen to the music before you buy. I listened to tracks from Graham Nash’s new album (ex- Hollies and the Nash in Crosby, Stills and Nash) and Jackson Brown.

I must also show you this, my ex took part in a concert at the Royal Albert Hall last year and this is video of one of the songs he and his band, GTA, sang. It’s off HIS album which I have mentioned here before ‘Songs For Sale’, available on iTunes and at his web site.

Do I get commission?
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