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Starfish, blogging stars and glue sniffing…


This is a bit of a departure. I bought a selection of more ‘graphic’ papers the other day and this is the first of them. I rather like it – I wasn’t sure it would work but it does, I think. So watch out for more – I won’t say what the others are here – it would spoil the surprise! I am also going to experiment with a new type of binding. Ooh! The excitement! Can you stand it? (Yes! I hear you cry….)

Yesterday, I mentioned the weird search terms people use to find my blog. One I mentioned was ‘strawberry’. This has been coming up over and over again for the last week. Is it one person who is obsessed with the delicious fruit or a whole pile of people simultaneously? I need to know! I once posted a recipe using strawberries (hence the link) and I took a photograph of some in a dish (see this post) so I hope these strawberry fanatics are happy with the recipes in this pre-bookbinding post.


My blogging friend, Colin over at ‘Life’, has created a new award. In his words

“Having received many awards I have decided that it was time I created one for ALL my Blogging Buddies. You are ALL awesome and contribute to the wonderful global communities that we have all created. Thank you”

He awarded it to the following people and I was very pleased to find my name in there too.

Lisa , Kim, Deborah, Pearl, Sandy, Jesse, Chris, Zubli Zainordin, Santa, Blog Elf, Jackie, Marzie, Adrian, Jos, NAFA SG, Polli, Sue, Kathy Maartje, Morgan, Greg, MaryAnn, Eric, Hawk, Carol, Diane, Ev Nucci, Surjit, Kuanyin, Christy Z, Sandee, Robin, Hanna, Maunie, Kim, Bobby, Billy, David, Jennifer, Aryst, Winston, Christy, LilyRuth, Jess, Rudy, Lynda, Lili, Sandy G, Ange, BlackWyrm, Vincent, Colin & Anne, Blandly Urbane, Marco, Mihaela Lica, John C, Aziz-sm, Ugyen, Lansy, Alex Badalic, Victors, Nostalgia Manila, Franco Yong, Herby, Rubie, Santaram & BVK, Jean-david, Namgay, Catherine, Yunita P, PJ Lighthouse, Lorimer Black, Dream Catcher, Fred Plimley, Anja Merret, Maria Lourdes, Jon B, Aayush, Denise, Dharmendra P, Brent D, Jerry & Daryl McCoy, Brian B, Calvin Innes, Pieter Marburn, Jessica Field, Taflas, Alex Sysoef, Norie, Justin Stanley, Ashish, David Ledoux, Thanate Tan, Kevin, Etienne, Gerbera, Christina, Abhishek d, Uprai, Texas_Jam, Azmiel, Daniel, Kristin B, Luwis, Adavait, Now Sourcing, Buen Amigo, Kiran Pande, Peterson Wong, Lynn, Chessnoid, Luis Hipolito, Joliveira, Jennifer & Pete, Team Dog, Megan, Mark, Raivyn, Mel, Andrea, Jen / domestika, Mimi, Bobo, Lynda Lehmann, Dread Bob, Julie, RennyBA, Bobbarama, Becky, Magdalena, Michelle,

There are so many wonderful blogs in there it is very pleasing to be included in such illustrious company. I would like to award it in turn to anyone who has ever commented on my blog – you are the ones who make this a community and have helped this blog grow. Thank you all :) Feel free to use and pass on this gift from Colin. (Just link back to him if you do).

I must also mention that I got another review from Ed over on his regular MyBlogLog Sunday spot. Last time he compared my creativity to Hannibal Lecter’s, this time he asks

“if you are looking for inspiration for Christmas gifts, Diane has a handle on making girlie books. I do have to ask, though. Is it glue fumes or natural forces responsible for her creativity?”

What can I say? I do get through a lot of PVA…. other than that though, I haven’t a glue… ;)