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Wii love tennis….


I suppose this a token gesture to that dreadful day which is looming. You know the one, when greeting card companies and florists all over the world start rubbing their hands together with glee and doubling or even trebling their prices (I know, I used to have a florist business at Heathrow Airport). So in honour of the day which shall remain nameless here is my Heart book.

Now I have been looking into finding a chap for a V day date and have come up with a very cunning plan.

Unless George is getting wise to this ploy and won’t fall for it a second time….

Anyway, I’m a bit premature with this V Day talk, so I’ll change the subject. Have you got a Nintendo Wii? (OK so that was a bit of a left turn at the lights but I did say I’d change the subject…) We have just got one. I had heard that they were incredibly difficult to find over the Christmas period, so I waited until just afterwards and found one quite easily.


It was bought as a surprise for my sons but I love it so much it is ridiculous. I love Wii Sports, we play tennis, golf and bowling (haven’t tried boxing or baseball yet!) and it is almost like playing a real game. Well, without the running which was never my favourite bit anyway. It can be incredibly energetic though and far removed from sitting in front of an old style games console just exercising your thumbs! Last night, my son who is away at uni, rang to say his house mate had just brought his Wii back to the their house, so we connected them up to the internet and we were able to send messages to each other. I’m not sure if we can play games against each other as well but it would be cool if we could, I must find out. I think it’s brilliant fun for all the family. And if you were wondering why Wii consoles are so scarce…click on the thumbnail to find out.


Parasols and a big fan…


I’ve gone back to the Japanese Chiyogami papers for this one. This paper makes me think of elegant geishas teetering along the street carrying their parasols daintily over their heads. I loved the book ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ by Arthur Golden, I have read it several times including trying to read it in French when I was being serious about learning French. Needless to say I didn’t manage to finish it and reverted to the English version eventually.


I also loved the film even though it got mixed reviews. It might be that I have a serious crush on Ken Watanabe or it might just be that it is a very good film. I couldn’t possibly say…


No, that’s not a very good photo of him but it does have a parasol and a geisha in it so let’s try again.


That’s better. And while we’re at it let’s have a gratuitous George Clooney shot to really cheer us ladies up….


I’m feeling much cheerier now!