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Smarter than the average bear….


Another dull Sunday. The weather is horrid, so I have decided to hole up and sort this room out once and for all and get the Etsy store up and running. Procrastination is all very well but enough is enough. I wish the sun would shine though. It doesn’t encourage a cheery mood when the sky is grey for weeks on end.

On a brighter note, I discovered these videos. The first one continues the animal theme which has recurred several times this week. We do tend to anthropomorphize animals. This video reminds us that as cute and cuddly as pandas look, they still need keeping an eye on. Particularly if you have one with an eye for fashion.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.todaysbigthing.composted with vodpod

This next video, I shall post without comment. Except to say it did make me smile (or is that a grimace?)

Before you despair at the intelligence of the human race altogether, I just read this at Inhabitat

“Researchers at the Giant Panda Breeding Base in Chengdu, China are preparing to follow in the footsteps of Thailand’s Chiang Mai Zoo and turn tons of panda poop into paper. Bing Bing, Ya Guang, Qing Zi and the other thirty-seven pandas at the center produce roughly 2 tons of high-fibre bamboo poop a day! Liao Jun, a researcher at the center believes all the panda poop will be ideal for making souvenir cards, bookmarks, notebooks, even fridge magnets. A product line should be out in about a year (just in time for any Olympic visitors). If you can’t wait until then, you’ll have to travel to Thailand where visitors to the Chian Mai Zoo may purchase an assortment of panda poop paper products thanks to China’s own—Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui.”

Cue gratuitous cute panda photo


I have tied myself in knots trying to think of a smart link between the two videos and this news story and failed miserably. Over to you…