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Please look away if you are of a nervous disposition….

I am not one of life’s natural green fingered, gardening types. Don’t get me wrong, I like having a nice garden, I just don’t particularly enjoy the process of getting it nice. I have a chap who is supposed to be my gardener but he is so busy at this time of year, the most he manages is keeping the lawn under control. Last year, I planted some Irises and some Arum Lilies on my river bank and the gardener strimmed them to death before I had time to mention I had planted them. Recently, I ventured out and planted some lily of the valley plants under my lime tree. Unfortunately, they went the same way as the lilies and irises….

The gardener also doesn’t plant out the pots and planters in the garden so once a year, I deck myself in old clothes and gardening gloves and spend a day planting marguerites, geraniums and lavender and getting very grubby. Have I mentioned I hate having dirty finger nails…

When I had finally finished, I had a shower and noticed that my knee was a bit itchy. This morning, I awoke and my knee was VERY itchy. Look away at this point if you are of a nervous disposition….

I have a huge blistery bite thingy on my knee which has been driving me insane with itchiness all day. I knew I wasn’t cut out for gardening…. A friend said it was probably a spider which had laid eggs under the skin and as we speak, hundreds of little spiderettes are hatching and growing….I think he knows I am a hypochondriac and was just teasing – wasn’t he?

I watched the Stella Artois tennis championships on TV this afternoon. ( to try and take my mind off the itching). Rafael Nadal was playing and he beat Jonas Bjorkman 6-2, 6-2 . He seems to have recovered after beating Roger Federer in the final of the French Open, and to have adapted to playing on grass (after the clay at Roland Garros), with no difficulty at all.

During a break in play they showed this little clip of Rafael Nadal exercising on court before the match. Watch it and weep…

This guy has muscles in places I don’t even have places!

You will have noticed that yet again, I have done no bookbinding. Well, the sun was shining, the tennis was on, I had a poorly knee….oh dear, and it can only get worse as the summer progresses…

This word is turning into a bit of a buzz word over here, isn’t it? Still, two posts in two days can’t be bad….

Autumn leaves…


I thought I would do another coptic stitched book for a change. I always end up with fingers like a pin cushion after making one of these – I use a curved needle and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I end up constantly stabbing myself as I find it very hard to control. The problem then is not getting blood on the book! How I suffer for my art…. :)

The weather has turned and now feels very autumnal. There is a strong wind blowing the remainder of the leaves off the trees which is a shame as the autumn colours have been glorious this year. I don’t normally like the autumn as it just heralds the end of summer and the winter to come (did I ever mention I’m a hot house flower?) but this year the trees have been spectacular. The road I drive each morning is lined with the most stunning trees which are every shade of red through orange to yellow and when the sun shines on them they look as if they are on fire. Unfortunately it is a very busy road so it would be difficult to stop and photograph them, so I took this on my way to play tennis the other day.


However, now it has turned a little colder and the wind has arrived it will be all over shortly. The amount of leaves on my lawn is unbelievable, I just hope the rest of them come down tonight before the chap who looks after my garden arrives (did I ever mention I dislike gardening?)