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Ooh, it’s a blue one…


Well, Em over at Go Smell the Flowers said she liked baby blue, so I thought that would be the colour scheme for this book. It’s a very delicate Japanese paper and makes a pretty book. Tomorrow’s book is going to be the birthday book, so will be totally different to this one. I have great plans for it….

I can hear fireworks. There will be parties all weekend – I watched an amazing display in the field across the other side of the river which runs through my garden. It lasted ages and there were the most astonishing (and expensive) fireworks throughout. No idea who arranged the display but I got a free show! “Ooh! It’s a blue one!” I adore fireworks. It must be a hangover from childhood as I remember that Guy Fawkes night (November 5th) was just after my birthday and so I always associate fireworks with parties – presents – celebrations -happy times. I also think of treacle toffee and parkin (a very gingery dense but moist cake which I haven’t seen for years. I wonder if it is a Northern thing?), sparklers and rip-raps (firecrackers which are probably banned now as they were quite dangerous!)


I’m going to enjoy this weekend.