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Christmas wishes…

My lovely blogging friend, Kiwipulse, sent me this video in her comment yesterday. I enjoyed it so much I thought it deserved a wider circulation, so I am posting it here. Kiwipulse’s blog is always full of amazing things, it must take so much work to find all the weird and wonderful things she writes about. In fact, she wrote my first ever review and featured a lot of my books when I was first starting out (you can read that here).

As for the video, well this is just what it is like at my house when I am making a book……..not! I love the way she just gets on with it and produces what looks like it is going to be a gorgeous book – what a shame we don’t get to see the finished book properly, that spine looks interesting.

Both my boys are home now and we are expecting a guest for a few days over Christmas, so I have had to switch into mummy-mode. Today, we are decorating our tree (yes, I know I’m late but I haven’t been in the mood ….) and I’m not sure I will be able to make many books for a while. I shall still write here when I can and I’m sure I won’t be able to resist getting back to the books but it will be sporadic at best! I am going to make an new photograph album for our guest as part of his Christmas present, mainly as we couldn’t think what else to buy him (we all know men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for) so I shall try to post that when it is finished.
Here is a little Christmas greeting to you all from me. Have a very jolly Christmas and the very, very best of New Years.


I must also draw your attention to this wonderful article By Mark Bittman in the New York Times, ‘101 Simple Appetizers in 20 minutes or less‘.

Yummy, quick, delicious, easy…. the man is a genius.

Bowing to the inevitable…


I’ve finally given in and accepted Christmas is coming and I am going to have to face up to it. So, a festive book. And I’ve ordered my Christmas tree and festive wreath for the front door online from Crocus, uploaded a photograph to be made into a personalized Christmas card from (also ordered stickers and mini cards as I love them – they are such a handy size for a little business card) These are mine – I uploaded some images, cropped them and chose the colour and text for the reverse and within a few days a little box full of adorable mini cards arrived.


I also went to a site called ‘Elf Yourself’ which was recommended by Peteej and turned my sons and me into elves – you can see the result by clicking on this link. I think it is hilarious.

So that is as far as I have got with Christmas preparations. I am off to Nice for a couple of days tomorrow – back on Friday. I have a 30th wedding anniversary party to go to on Saturday night and I haven’t even thought about what I am going to wear so I hope I find something chic in Nice. The perfect boot hunt might just be resolved too….

Happy days!


I have been saving this paper up as I couldn’t find anything that was a suitable match for the inside cover paper. I found this plainish red striped paper hiding in amongst the huge pile of paper I have accumulated, when I had to move it. I needed my kitchen table back so it had to be moved up to the spare bedroom and now lies all over the spare bed. I really must buy a plan chest so I can keep it all tidy and safe. I check out eBay regularly but the only ones I have seen are at the other end of the country and need to be collected. I am still hoping my local auction house or antiques shop will have one.

My birthday is over. Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. It was a really nice feeling to have so many good wishes winging their way to me from around the globe. I had a lovely day with my sons. They took me out to dinner and we managed to find a restaurant that Number One son who is vegan, could eat in! Number two son has now gone back to uni but Number One son is still around. I managed to take a photo of us together – the first for ages. We used the timer on the camera so the poses are not ideal but it did make us laugh trying to get into position in time!



I can’t believe my little boys are so grown up. These are a couple of old photographs I scanned recently just so you can see how cute they were as children . Not that they aren’t cute now I hasten to add – but they are cute in a different way now!


Happy days…. :-)