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Happy holidays!

You might not have noticed, but it’s Christmas. Again. I have tried to ignore it but as lovely Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek once said ‘resistance is futile’ so here is my Christmas post. First my two favourite Christmas cartoons.



Yes, I know they are both essentially carrot jokes but I like them anyway.

I’m off up to London tomorrow to meet up with my boys and we are going to see my most favourite of comedians, Eddie Izzard. I am SO excited. I have wanted to see him for years and I thought I had missed my chance as he seemed to be concentrating on his film career at the expense of his stand up comedy. However, he is back! And I am going to see him! Yay!

However, as I’m going to be away for a few days and as it’s Christmas and it’s a busy time and as we are going to be spending Christmas with friends and  as I have been very bad at keeping my blog up to date and am feeling a bit jaded, I have decided to take a break from blogging for a week or so and will resume in the New Year. 

So, have a wonderfully jolly time with lots of love and merriness and plumptious Christmas good things. I wish you all an especially excellent New Year, may everything be as you would wish it to be.  In the meantime, here’s a little Christmas fun, courtesy of my hero, Eddie Izzard.

We have ways of making you talk, Mr Bond…

The unthinkable happened yesterday. I ran out of paper. Not the decorative paper I use for the covers – I think I have enough of that to last me a year or so – but the plain paper I use for the pages of the books. I couldn’t leave the house as I was expecting a parcel to be delivered so I used a book block I bought ages ago from Falkiners instead. It’s large – A4 size – and for once meant I could make a book with lined pages. The Japanese chiyogami paper is also from Falkiners.

I’m really disappointed. My other source of paper is Paper Source in the US. I buy most of the contemporary papers I use from them as they have such a great range. I was lucky enough to visit their store in Beverley Hills when I was in Los Angeles last year, it was amazing. The shipping costs are quite high but are usually reasonable and worth it for the variety and quality of papers they offer. But a week or so ago, I placed an order with them and the shipping costs had doubled! In fact, they cost more than the cost of the paper. Apparently, they have changed couriers and the new couriers have different charges (something about including customs charges) so I’m afraid I can no longer ship paper from them. My only hope is that I can get Paper Source to deliver to one of my friends in LA and then they can send the paper to me – I need to check if this will be cheaper because I am devastated!

‘Booo!’ to Paper Source!

OK rant over. I gather it is a big day in the US as far as the Democratic nomination battle between White House hopefuls, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Well, maybe this will help you make your mind up. Click on the image!

Nice moves….you may have spotted it is based on a clip out of the movie, Ace Ventura and those knees really belong to Jim Carrey…

To continue the movie theme (you know how I like a nice theme) here is a great cartoon I stumbled the other night. “We have ways of making you talk, Mr.Bond….”

Took me a second to see what was happening but it is SO clever. And silly. Now please excuse my self indulgence. You know how much I love Eddie Izzard and I couldn’t resist sharing his take on James Bond. (Usual strong language alert)

And I’m going to resist having a gratuitous photograph of luscious Daniel Craig at this point. I will admit I did look for one and have just spent a very pleasant time gazing at Google images of my hero, until I came across an eye-watering nude shot of him in the bath and as I have now come over all unnecessary, I am going for a cold shower….

Another secret….

secret belgian binding

Well, I said I would have another go at this Secret Belgian Binding and here it is. I tried the method that Rhonda at My Handbound Books recommended. The text block is sewn first in the usual way and then the covers and spine are attached. It’s a bit of a juggling act trying to hold all three bits of board and the book block together while you stitch them together and it’s especially difficult to keep the whole thing tight when you have to keep pulling it apart to get at the stitching in order to sew it all together but I eventually managed it. I’m actually quite pleased with it. I overcame the problems from my last effort by using a much longer length of thread, so no knots and also this method doesn’t need masking tape, so no tearing. This book is A5 size – much bigger than the last one which was a sweet little thing – here is a shot of the two of them together.

I placed an order for some more supplies and paper from my favourite shop, Falkiners (incidentally, which is now known as Shepherds Bookbinders). You may remember I mentioned a while back, that I had an email from Falkiners thanking me for mentioning them so often on my blog! They had been googling themselves to check their ‘google-ability’ and I came up so often that they emailed to thank me and said that next time I placed an order, they would send me a gift to say thank you. Well, it arrived today – a whole black goatskin! I am so thrilled, it is so generous of them and I aim to put it to good use – it is gorgeous. I just wish that it didn’t look quite so much like a goat – little legs and all……

As you may or may not remember, it’s no secret that I am a sci fi fan and Number 1 son and I are closet Trekkies and we love Star Trek in all it’s incarnations. I seem to have come across a lot of Star Trek jokes recently so here they are. This follows on from a previous post, last year called ‘To Boldly Go….’ which included the best Star trek cartoon EVER and a great song about ‘Bald Headed Men’ by Christine Lavin. I only mention the song because Jean-Luc Picard is my favourite ‘Star Trek’ character…..

and finally, here is my favourite, Eddie Izzard talking about Star Trek, it’s a bit long (9 minutes) but is well worth watching (a little bit of strong language warning). Hilarious!

Stormy weather


This is another of my photographs printed onto inkjet bookcloth. I love anemones – such jolly flowers and just my colour palette!


It’s a very strange day weatherwise. It started out sunny and then turned showery – hailstones at one point, I took the photograph this morning. It was pouring with rain yet the sun was shining. I rushed to see if I could see a rainbow and there was one but it was very low in the sky – presumably because the sun was. I’ve never seen one like it before. It doesn’t show up too well on this image but you might be able to make it out just behind the tree in the distance. They have forecast the ‘worst storms of the year’ tonight which coinciding with high Spring tides, are forecast to bring flooding. Wonderful. I’m on flood watch again….


It’s now 10.30. The wind is picking up and I have battened down the hatches! I don’t expect I’ll be playing tennis in the morning…