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I could have danced all night….


Last night I fulfilled a lifetime’s ambition. I drove up to London to see Sylvie Guillem, the French ballet dancer perform. She appeared with the dancer Russell Maliphant in a fairly short program of dances choreographed by Russell Maliphant. It was nothing short of stupendous. I was completely spellbound. Sylvie Guillem is simply the most elegant, graceful dancer I have ever seen, she moves effortlessly, fluidly with perfect balance and astonishing agility.

She started out to be a gymnast and switched to ballet at the age of 11. By the time she was 19 she had been chosen by Rudolf Nureyev to be the youngest ever principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet. By the time she was 24, she had caused outrage in France by moving to London and joining the Royal Ballet. Now aged 42, she is still dancing wonderfully, she is still incredibly flexible and gracefully athletic and able to perform her trademark ‘6 o’clock leg extension’ with ease.

sylvie guillem

She has become a champion of contemporary dance and has performed with Russell Maliphant on many occasions. Here is a clip of her dancing from a piece called ‘Broken Fall’ – I can’t embed this video so please click on this link here and watch this. It’s magical.

Next, this is one of the pieces she danced last night. It’s called ‘Two’ (not sure why……) It’s starts out very quietly, the fabulous music by Andy Cowton, slowly builds up to a crescendo and the dance develops into a whirling motion of effortless grace. The wonderful lighting (by Michael Hulls) highlighted her hands and feet which appeared at times as white blurs, while the light shining on her from above shows every muscle in her body.

I am so in awe of her talent. I have never wanted to be able to dance so much as I did last night.