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Two for the price of one…

I have Clara over at Fibrasdepapel to thank for the inspiration for this one. She made a beautiful book like this for Valentine’s Day, a gorgeous idea – two books in one – and as soon as I saw it, I had to try and work out how she had done it. This is my version, again using one of my photographs – in this case Arum lilies, printed on to linen bookcloth.


It reminded me of an earlier project last year to construct a book using two kinds of paper. It was for my ex’s son, a talented illustrator and digital artist and he wanted to have a choice of paper in one book for different occasions. My first attempt at this led me to make an album containing watercolour and cartridge paper. This has the advantage that it can be loaded with whatever paper you like and refilled as necessary.


The new twin book, (not sure what it is called – a ‘dos à dos’ binding perhaps), has smooth cartridge paper in one side and rough cartridge paper on the other side and I chose to use the different coloured but toning, end papers and bookcloths for each spine to distinguish the two. The book can be opened from right to left on both sides by turning it upside down. It ties closed with a thin satin ribbon.

I am so pleased with how it turned out and want to thank Clara for the inspiration!

Today, I was up early and saw a beautiful pink, frosty sunrise – and we have just had a glorious deep red sunset. Difficult to photograph but here are my attempts, both taken outside my kitchen window.


And finally…. I found this, an amusing comment on the male/female divide and with St.V’s day fast approaching what could be better…

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