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Passionate about Polar Bears


This book is one I have made which I think would be a good kiddies book. I bought a few children’s printed papers, thinking they might be useful for covering photo albums for new babies but really there is no reason why they can’t be used for notebooks too.


I do like Polar Bears. Two of the funniest jokes I have ever heard involve Polar Bears. One was a very long and convoluted joke which can be strung out for ages by having the baby Polar Bear ask various Polar Bear relatives the same questions before springing the punch line. Here is the abridged version.

Baby Polar Bear says to Dad Polar Bear, ‘Am I a Grizzly Bear?’

Dad says ‘No, you are a Polar Bear’.

Baby Polar Bear then says, ‘Am I a Brown Bear?’

Dad says ‘No, I told you, you are a Polar Bear!’

Baby Polar Bear says ‘Am I a Koala Bear?’

Dad is now getting very exasperated and says ‘I just told you – you are a Polar Bear. Not a Brown Bear or a Grizzly Bear or a Koala Bear. Why are you asking such stupid questions?’

Baby Polar Bear: ‘ Because I’m bloody freezing!’

Well, it made me laugh.

The other joke is just as silly but does need some local knowledge….

Why don’t Polar Bears eat penguins?

At this point you are supposed to display your marvellous knowledge of the animal kingdom by saying that it’s because Polar Bears live at the North Pole and penguins live at the South Pole. To which I reply ‘No, it’s because they can’t get the wrappers off’. This joke is only funny if you know that Penguins are also a chocolate bar available in the UK…..


To end today’s post with a topical theme, here is a Polar Bear cartoon.