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There will be books…


I rather like this book cloth. I bought it from – you guessed it – Falkiners, and it is a rather nice Japanese silk brocade. I have teamed it with a modern paper called ‘Country Dance’ by Debra Glanz of Reminiscence Papers, bought from Paper Mojo.
I love the contrast between the traditional outside and the contemporary inside. I think the books I like best are like this one – you get a pleasant surprise when you open the book – it doesn’t jar but it is unexpected.


I went to see ‘There Will be Blood’ last night and if Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t win the Oscar for best actor this weekend I will eat my hat. (A red angora beret, so he had better win!) His performance is quite extraordinary and very powerful. The film itself has a wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead fame, the cinematography is stunning and the supporting cast – especially Paul Dano, (who I last saw in the quirky ‘Little Miss Sunshine’) are fantastic too. Here’s the theatrical trailer to give you a glimpse of this wonderful film.

This is the best film I have seen in a long time, it’s almost the best thing since sliced bread….


Sun is shining…


This is another book I have made using the inkjet linen book cloth and one of my images – in this case, a photograph of a place in south Wales called Southerndown. I used to live in Cardiff and Southerndown was one of our favourite places to go for a walk at the weekend. This is the original photograph.


As you can see, the colours aren’t quite as vibrant when printed on the bookcloth but it still looks really good – well, I think so. It’s a gorgeously sunny day today, so I am off out later with my camera to take some more shots to turn into book covers….


Kim over at Laketrees recently received this award from Colin over at Life, who had received it from another Kim over at purplefrogcat.
Kim at Laketrees then passed it on ( I hope you are keeping up with all this!) to ‘seven sweeties who exude sunshine and serenity where ever they go’

Mary Ann Diane Lynda Ev Corrine Kris and Shoshana

Thank you Kim! What a nice thing to say! I am going to pass it on to

Struggling Writer for always being supportive and enthusiastic about my books and writing great stories

Tulibri for always offering advice, support and inspiration

mywoodenrobot for setting up Apt1310G, and inviting me to join in

Bijoux and Banter for inviting me to sell my books in France!

Speedcat Hollydale for Wordless Chicken Tuesdays. RIP.

RennyBA and DianeCA for sharing their inspirational lives with us

Creechman who doesn’t do tags or memes but needs thanking anyway….

Now, in the worst link ever, I am going to post several things which have ‘brightened up my day’ this week. All completely different, all completely mad, all made me laugh.

This first video is a football match where the players have binoculars strapped to their heads. Oh and they are wearing stripey pyjamas. And the referee is a rabbit. Only in Japan….

It is little wonder this great creature failed to continue its lineage: with no ears it could not sustain a top hat upon its head and thereby expired from lack of common dignity.


The Royal family on a day out.


Wii love tennis….


I suppose this a token gesture to that dreadful day which is looming. You know the one, when greeting card companies and florists all over the world start rubbing their hands together with glee and doubling or even trebling their prices (I know, I used to have a florist business at Heathrow Airport). So in honour of the day which shall remain nameless here is my Heart book.

Now I have been looking into finding a chap for a V day date and have come up with a very cunning plan.

Unless George is getting wise to this ploy and won’t fall for it a second time….

Anyway, I’m a bit premature with this V Day talk, so I’ll change the subject. Have you got a Nintendo Wii? (OK so that was a bit of a left turn at the lights but I did say I’d change the subject…) We have just got one. I had heard that they were incredibly difficult to find over the Christmas period, so I waited until just afterwards and found one quite easily.


It was bought as a surprise for my sons but I love it so much it is ridiculous. I love Wii Sports, we play tennis, golf and bowling (haven’t tried boxing or baseball yet!) and it is almost like playing a real game. Well, without the running which was never my favourite bit anyway. It can be incredibly energetic though and far removed from sitting in front of an old style games console just exercising your thumbs! Last night, my son who is away at uni, rang to say his house mate had just brought his Wii back to the their house, so we connected them up to the internet and we were able to send messages to each other. I’m not sure if we can play games against each other as well but it would be cool if we could, I must find out. I think it’s brilliant fun for all the family. And if you were wondering why Wii consoles are so scarce…click on the thumbnail to find out.


Head first down a mountain…


My ex and my precious Number 2 son have been in St.Moritz in Switzerland. I got a phone call to say that they had both just done the Cresta Run, a three-quarter of a mile long ice run which drops 514 feet, has 10 very testing corners and gradients from 1 in 2.8 to 1 in 8.7. Apparently, you hurl yourself down the run, headfirst on something resembling a tea-tray at speeds which can reach 80-100km/hour. It’s called (gulp) Skeleton.


By the time I heard about their activities, my ex had a been down once and said it was the scariest 79 seconds of his life, whereas Number 2 son, loved it and went down 7 times – his best time being under 54 seconds. Here is a taster of what it is like.

I am so glad that I didn’t know about this before it happened as I would have been scared to death on their behalf. As it is, a couple of days later, apparently a very experienced chap went down the run and arrived at the end, minus a foot. He had some sort of hideous accident on the way down. I just hope my adrenalin-junkie son thinks twice about doing things like this again but I doubt it. He is very reckless brave and adores winter sports especially skiing. Every time he comes back from skiing trips with his friends, he shows me little videos they take of each other doing scary jumps at great speed. Frightens me to death.

I have no idea where he gets his love of skiing from, as I am the world’s most cautious person and hate skiing (as does my ex) but I suppose we didn’t learn when we were young enough to feel indestructible. Both my sons love it – Number 1 son enjoys snowboarding. I am brilliant at ├ápres ski though, and have accompanied many of my friends on skiing holidays quite happily :-)

Talking of snow (very dodgy segue coming up) if you remember my polar bear episodes recently, well I came across this and just had to post it.


Out with the old, on with the new…


In keeping with the ‘think-positive-Spring-is-coming-whatever-you-do-SMILE’ mood I have decided to adopt, this book is particularly fresh, clean and bright. Actually, I’ve just noticed it matches my blog theme beautifully.

My New Years’ resolution to revamp myself continues. I have just found a hairstyle I like and after trying it out on Hairmixer have decided that it’s not bad at all and might be the way to go…. so thank you Katie Holmes – dodgy dress, bony shoulders, weird husband but nice hair!


I am also going to buy new glasses (for reading and now unfortunately, for driving too – I hate getting old) and have just spent an arm and a leg at my opticians buying some very groovy Prada specs.

I am also thinking of signing up to an internet dating site – not my first experience of this particular nightmare but I have to admit my last two relationships, which both lasted two years, came by this route and so I live in hope that third time will be lucky. At worst, internet dating provides some funny stories to regale my friends with and a few nice nights out. I seem to live in an area which is defying all government statistics as regards the divorce rate. All my friends are very happily married or coupled up and there seems to be a distinct lack of available men, as the only single guys I tend to meet are still single for very good reason. At my age the opportunities for meeting new people are few and far between – I go to the cinema or to dinner with friends – hardly the ‘meat market’ I remember bars and discos being in my younger days. All my girlie single friends are coupled up at the moment, so the internet it will have to be.

Actually, my heart sinks at the thought of it. Maybe it’s just too soon. I shall wait a while longer, maybe when the nights get lighter. All I seem to want to do these days is batten down the hatches, cuddle up warm and sleep! Internet dating is exhausting and you have to go through an awful lot of empty oysters before you find a pearl…