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Book swappage

You may remember I was taking part in a Book Swap over at the Book Arts Forum. I made a book as a first effort, fully intending to have a second go at it but as is often the way with these things, time ran away with me and I had to use my original effort as I never got round to trying something different.

So far, so familiar. As the theme of the swap was ‘My Home Town’, I did hit on the idea of filling the pages with images of Dorset (as you can imagine I have rather a lot). This started out as a good idea until I realised that as I had used Bockingford watercolour paper for the pages, the printed photographs wouldn’t stick to the pages terribly well, but having started, I had to finish! I think they are secure but the other problem was that the pages curled slightly and even after a day or so in my book press, they wouldn’t straighten and as time had run out, I had to send it to Rhonda as it was (with a letter of apology!)

Here are photographs of some of the pages.

It’s very intimidating making a book for other bookbinders to see ‘in the flesh’ as it were and even though this is the second swap I have taken part in – I still feel as if I could have done better…. having said that, I’m really looking forward to receiving my book from Crazy Daisy Girl :-)

By the way, thanks very much indeed for the votes over at Kim’s competition. I didn’t win but happily I wasn’t vote-less which was very pleasing. You might like to check out the art work which won, a painting by Emmanuel Martinez called “Pain in the Eye’. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

Now I’m off to continue with my latest project, a huge photograph album for a friend. She has two enormous beautifully made, very expensive albums which she has filled with photographs and I am going to try to make a third which matches the others. No pressure then……. :-)

Out with the old, on with the new…


In keeping with the ‘think-positive-Spring-is-coming-whatever-you-do-SMILE’ mood I have decided to adopt, this book is particularly fresh, clean and bright. Actually, I’ve just noticed it matches my blog theme beautifully.

My New Years’ resolution to revamp myself continues. I have just found a hairstyle I like and after trying it out on Hairmixer have decided that it’s not bad at all and might be the way to go…. so thank you Katie Holmes – dodgy dress, bony shoulders, weird husband but nice hair!


I am also going to buy new glasses (for reading and now unfortunately, for driving too – I hate getting old) and have just spent an arm and a leg at my opticians buying some very groovy Prada specs.

I am also thinking of signing up to an internet dating site – not my first experience of this particular nightmare but I have to admit my last two relationships, which both lasted two years, came by this route and so I live in hope that third time will be lucky. At worst, internet dating provides some funny stories to regale my friends with and a few nice nights out. I seem to live in an area which is defying all government statistics as regards the divorce rate. All my friends are very happily married or coupled up and there seems to be a distinct lack of available men, as the only single guys I tend to meet are still single for very good reason. At my age the opportunities for meeting new people are few and far between – I go to the cinema or to dinner with friends – hardly the ‘meat market’ I remember bars and discos being in my younger days. All my girlie single friends are coupled up at the moment, so the internet it will have to be.

Actually, my heart sinks at the thought of it. Maybe it’s just too soon. I shall wait a while longer, maybe when the nights get lighter. All I seem to want to do these days is batten down the hatches, cuddle up warm and sleep! Internet dating is exhausting and you have to go through an awful lot of empty oysters before you find a pearl…


The longest post ever…


I seem to be finally getting back into the swing of things. My room isn’t sorted out yet by a long way but at least there is space to work, so in between the bouts of tidying up, I can make the odd book or two.

I have been kindly mentioned in a couple of exceedingly long awards and link love New Years greetings over the last few weeks. The number of people mentioned in these lists is vast (over 300 links) and seems to be pretty much the same bunch of people so I am not going to repeat each list over and over again. I just hope that saying it once covers everyone -if not apologies, please go to the relevant links and check the original lists!

First Jon at El Gigante Verdoso passed the You Rock my Socks’ award to Jos over at NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection) (I think that’s right) (who has a very cool scrolling box to display his list) (and that’s far too many parentheses (brackets to you) for one sentence).


Next Mauro, over at 1 Million Love Messages awarded the 2007 Inspiring blogs award .


Then Colin over at Life, awarded this one


and not only had a very neat scrolling box to display his list but repeated it for folk like me who can’t do scrolling boxes – over 300 links.

Then Blue Ribbon Bloggers had a Blogging Buddies award, which is this rather sweet photograph. Again they had a groovy scrolling box containing pretty much the same list, which I am very jealous I can’t reproduce.


Anyway, if you have lasted this far, here comes the list, courtesy of Colin.

0-Cotojo 1-Lisa , 2-Kim, 3-Deborah, 4-Pearl, 5-Sandy, 6-Jesse, 7-Chris, 8- Colin 9-Santa, 10-Blog Elf, 11-Jackie,12-Marzie, 13-Adrian, 14-Jos, 15-NAFA SG, 16-Paula, 17-Sue, 18-Kathy 19-Maartje, 20-Morgan, 21-Greg, 22-MaryAnn, 23-Eric, 24-Hawk, 25-Carol, 26Diane, 27-Ev Nucci, 28-Surjit, 29-Kuanyin, 30-Christy Z, 31-Sandee, 32-Robin, 33-Hanna, 34-Maunie, 35-Kim,36-Bobby, 37-Billy, 38-David, 39-Jennifer, 40-Aryst, 41-Winston, 42-Christy, 43-LilyRuth, 44-Jess, 45-Rudy,46-Lynda, 47-Lili, 48-Sandy G, 49-Ange, 50-BlackWyrm, 51-Vincent, 52-Colin & Anne, 53-Blandly Urbane, 54-Marco, 55-Mihaela Lica, 56-John C, 57-Aziz-sm, 58-Ugyen, 59-Lansy, 60-Alex Badalic, 61-Victors, 62-Nostalgia Manila, 63-Franco Yong, 64-Herby, 65-Rubie, 66-Santaram & BVK, 67-Jean-david, 68-Namgay, 69-Catherine, 70-Yunita P, 71-Debbie Dolphin, 72-Lorimer Black, 73-Dream Catcher, 74-Fred Plimley, 75-Anja Merret, 76-Maria Lourdes, 77-Jon B, 78-Aayush, 79-Denise, 80-Dharmendra P, 81-Brent D, 82-Jerry & Daryl McCoy, 83-Brian B, 84-Calvin Innes,85-Pieter Marburn, 86-Jessica Field, 87-Taflas, 88-Alex Sysoef, 89-Norie, 90-Justin Stanley, 91-Ashish, 92-David Ledoux, 93-Thanate Tan, 94-Kevin, 95-Etienne, 96-Gerbera, 97-Christina, 98-Abhishek d, 99-Uprai, 100-Texas_Jam, 101-Azmiel, 102-Daniel,103-Kristin B, 104-Luwis, 105-Adavait, 106-Now Sourcing, 107-Buen Amigo, 108-Kiran Pande,109-Peterson Wong, 110-Lynn, 111-Chessnoid, 112-Luis Hipolito, 113-Joliveira, 114-Jennifer & Pete,115-Team Dog, 116-Megan, 117-Mark,118-Raivyn, 119-Mel, 120-Andrea121-Jen / domestika, 122-Mimi, 123-Bobo,124-Lynda Lehmann, 125-Dread Bob, 126-Blue Ribbon Bloggers,127-RennyBA, 128-Bobbarama, 129-Becky,130-Magdalena, 131-Michelle, 132-Stacie,133-Climate of Our Future Team, 134-CashMarble, 135-OilOffShoreMarine,136-Jos Additional BlogLove, 137-Piper, 138-Barbara,139-Ann Clemmons, 140-Deb,,, 143-blogginginmypyjamas, 144-StylewithPassion,145-Chinneeq, 146-Dora-zooropazoo, 147-Babyshern,148-HiPnCooLMoMMa 149-Rachel’s Soulful Thoughts 150-When Silence Speaks,151-Dancing in Midlife Tune, 152-Underneath it All, 153- I am Dzoi,154-Hobbies and Such, 155-moms…..check nyo, 156-Choc Mint Girl,157-Amel’s Realm, 158- My Thoughts, 159-Rusin Roundup,160-Juliana’s Site, 161-Max, 162-Rooms of My Heart,163-A Great Pleasure, 164-LadyJava’s Lounge, 165-Jesie,166-Steven, 167-Trinity, 168-Leena,169-Nick, 170-Nessa, 171-Debbie Dolphin,172- Anna t, 173-krrey_boo, 174-Logic,175-Steve Ho, 176-Virtual Entrepreneur, 177-WalksFarWoman,178-Anna, Beth & Cory’s Mom, 179-Toon, 180-Belinda181-EPSpeaks, 182-Teacher Julie 183-jafajfer,184-pmonchet, 185-Aslan, 186-arouetvoltaire ,187-Tanny, 188-Il vaso di Pandora, 189-Non Lineare,190-Omniamundamundis, 191-LineaNeuronica, 192-Semplicemente Lisa193-la penna che graffia 194-Angelbaby, 195-Divya,196-Cyn, 197-Donna, 198-Liudmila,199-djeblog, 200-Gracie Belle, 201-Reverend Ray,202-Walter Winstuff, 203-Denny, 204-Terry (mee mOe),205-awannabe, 206-Z.S., 207-Il Gnagnera,208-Kevin Grieves, 209-DatCurious, 210-DatMoney,211-Sanni, 212-Rolando’s Quiet Space, 213-SatoNa ,214-Levian , 215-21Knots, 216-PuTLie,217-Riciard’s, 218-Darlene, 219-Rantings of a Woman,220-La Place de Cherie , 221-Enjoying The Ride, 222-A Window To Our World,223-Juliana, 224-Retchel’s Pure Life, 225-We Are Family,226-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 227-Echoes of Life, 228-My 3 Boys and I,229-Mammagatta, 230-Juliana’s Lair, 231-Bless Sanctuary,232-Confessions of An Army Wife , 233-Jean’s my So-called Life, 234-So cute tiny pixels,235-Denz Techtronics Blog, 236-Wanna Be On Top!, 237-Carpe Diem,238-My so-called Life, 239-TEEBOB, 240-Kikay,241-Alaverde33, 242-CC’s Lifestyles and Reviews, 243-Pinay’s Lifestyles,244-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 245-The Creativity Of Me, 246-OzLife247-Scattered Thoughts of Mine, 248-Another Journal of Mine, 249-My Drama,250-By The Way, 251-Paul, Toni and Lance – Bridging the Distance, 252-Live Love Pink,253-In The Lance’s Mind, 254-My Life, 255-Rants and Ramblings,256-WorldBlog, 257-Our Journey to Life, 258-Simply the best,259-Paul and Toni, 260-Alpha’s Blog, 261-because life is fun,262-The Simple Life of a Baghag, 263-Sweet Lullaby,264-AnitoKid, 265- Lisa WAHM, 266-Ben Spark267-Kesa, 268-Mauro, 269-Sindi270-Alianorah, 271-Jennie, 272-CTN,273-Jeremy, 274-Polliwog’s Pond, 275-Yvette,276-Ali (DorisDay), 277-Rodney, 278-Alice,279- WBAustin, 280-Max, 281-Rodney282-Karen, 283-Michelle, 284-Stacy285-SvenMarin, 286-CoolingStar9, 287-Billy Jack,288-bbrian, 289-Cris Zimermann, 290-Franx,291-Ramil, 292-JaniceNW, 293-Cathrina Jones294-Bels, 295-Raman, 296-Jeques,297-NPSG, 298-Anndi, 299-Georganna,300-Jeane Michelle Culp, 301-Sam Chan, 302-Kumowai

Phew! Job done. Just hope all those links work! If you made it this far then here is a photograph my number two son took as an experiment. It’s me in my kitchen – my mum used to say I was a little angel….



Hair today, gone tomorrow?


It’s a bit early for cherry blossoms but I really like this paper, so fresh and girlie. Now that the Christmas decorations are coming down it seemed right to think ahead to Spring – even though it is grey and rainy outside and was blowing a hooley outside last night.

The house looks very bare without the decorations, my kitchen is spookily tidy without decorations or mess from my bookmaking, (which has all transferred upstairs to the top floor bedroom.) I have so much to do that I end up doing nothing as I don’t know quite where to begin, I got distracted from the organizing and the sorting out and decided to make a book instead – hence this book!

I have also been wasting time playing around with Hairmixer. I am yet again going through the agonising decision making that revolves around my hairstyle, I feel that I am in need of a radical makeover. New Year, new hairstyle and all that. I have a theory that women do reach an age where long hair starts to look a bit ‘mutton dressed as lamb-ish’ and there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer as to when this transition occurs, I thought I would experiment with Hairmixer and see if I could come up with any solutions. You upload a photograph of yourself and then you can see what you look like with various celebrity hairstyles. (Very silly is the answer to that one!)

First, here are a series of photos of me with the many varied hairstyles I have had over the years. They are pretty much in the right order with the last one being the most recent. As you can see some are pretty ghastly and never to be repeated!



And now here are my experiments with Hairmixer, featuring me with the hair of Catherine Zeta-Jones (first two) then Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan and finally, Lulu.


I’m actually starting to think that my hair isn’t so bad after all and I shan’t be going blonde any time in the near future!

Busy, busy, busy – and dancing


I have been sorting out a bedroom upstairs to use as a workroom. I bought a plan chest which is huge (A0 size) which has the added bonus of being just the right height to use as a work surface. I bought some spotlights to replace the overhead light in the room and now need to sort out some storage and probably shelves. I have loads of CDs in stands which I am going to get rid of – any of the music I still listen to is in iTunes on my laptop and on my iPod, so I don’t really need CDs anymore and they just take up room. Not sure what to do with them – maybe sell them on eBay, surely someone still wants them. I have to have a book sort out too – got far too many.

I have decided keeping busy is the way to go. That and loud music. And dancing! I played this track several times today, in fact I made myself a ‘boogie-ing on down’ playlist full of disco classics and danced the afternoon away, in between chores. Good for the weight loss and fitness levels too, I guess! Comfort eating is not a good thing especially when combined with holiday season excesses. And if I am going to be getting back out there I need to be looking my best – slim and svelte, not a fat lump! So let’s have a dance to this, Earth, Wind and Fire, I defy you to sit still….


I have a Nabaztag rabbit. (No, not that kind of rabbit! Although, maybe…, don’t go there!) It is a rabbit who connects to my computer wirelessly and he can be made to read emails and messages, give weather forecasts, news and traffic reports or send messages to other Nabaztag rabbits. (For several months, I kept getting very enigmatic music sent to me every Sunday from a rabbit who lived in Paris called Gaatoo. My rabbit is called Roccorabbit and periodically he says very random remarks and does tai chi – his ears rotate and he flashes with different coloured lights. Today he told me he wasn’t feeling well as his ears felt heavy. Bless. He also plays this track as an alarm call every morning. I love it and never tire of hearing it. Two giants of the music world, John Lee Hooker and Carlos Santana.