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Decisions, decisions…


This is the second of the embroidered papers I bought from Paper Mojo. It makes such a nice book I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy the other two colours that this paper is made in (turquoise and fuschia pink, since you ask!) I really must find a UK supplier, I’m sure there must be one. The embroidery seems to add another ‘handmade’ dimension to the books. I suppose another answer would be to have a go at stitching some paper myself. Has anyone tried that? The paper would have to be fairly sturdy – these are a sort of light weight ‘Khadi’ paper if you know what that is.

The only danger in that is that I would get sidetracked from making books. There is a precedent for this. All my hobbies have grown out of a previous hobby. I started off doing tapestry and moved onto embroidery as I felt it was more ‘freestyle’. This got me into silk painting and then I decided I wanted to include lettering in my silk paintings and I studied calligraphy for about 5 years, then I decided I wanted to make books to put my calligraphy in, and here we are, another major obsession.

I can’t decide if it’s a good or bad thing. Maybe I should just stick at one thing and get really good at it. Or maybe, I should keep finding out about new things I can do. I am already trying to learn as much as I can about web design – I have taught myself HTML and CSS and am now wading through Javascript and Ajax, as well as making books. The web design can potentially earn me some money and become a career but I am reluctant to treat the book making as just a hobby. If I do start selling them online and it’s a success, I will have to devote a lot of time to something not so ‘moneymaking’ but very time consuming and enjoyable. Or they might not sell and I would have spent a lot of time making a mountain of books to just clutter up the house. (My Christmas present giving would be solved for years to come though!) It’s a dilemma. I think for the moment I should just go with the flow.

Black roses

I absolutely love this paper. I bought it from Falkiner’s when I was with L and am very sorry I didn’t buy more. Still, it’s a good reason to go back. I have waited until I had a paper to go inside it that would do it justice. The one I chose is OK but not brilliant so I will keep searching. They are both Japanese Chiyogami papers. The paper inside the book is a beautiful handmade watercolour paper from Wookey Hole Paper Mill. It does make a very pretty book.


I have been spending most of my time designing the web site for selling these books. We finally decided on a name, I registered the domain name, and proceeded to design a logo and I took a fabulous photo (she said modestly!) for the banner on the home page, incorporating my logo and was really pleased with the result. I then received an e-mail from the hosting company telling me that the domain name had been registered by someone else, just before I tried to register it so it was now unavailable after all. I was so disappointed. For a time I thought all the work I had put in was now wasted but eventually, I thought of a slight change to the name so that I could still use the image and the logo.

Finding a domain name that is short, appropriate and memorable is a nightmare. Everything seems to have been snapped up and is only available to backorder, which is very irritating and frustrating. I hope I might still get the original name but I’m not holding my breath.