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Re: recycling


I’ve always liked the idea of using everyday materials to make decorative objects. This paper is from Paperchase and is a brown parcel/craft paper printed with a design. It’s fun and very effective I think. I’m not sure if it is recycled paper but I’m sure that it would be possible to do this with recycled parcel paper – even to print my own designs. Hmm…..there’s a thought!

I have a regular visitor here a Much of a Muchness, who makes the most wonderful use of recycled materials and she makes jewellery and lamps and other useful items from objects that she collects. Her name is Sue and her blog is called Perpetual Plum (I love that name) I found out yesterday that she also has a web site called Unique Re-tiques – very cool! I’m also jealous that she has an Etsy store where you can buy the wonderful things she makes. (Reminder to self – GET YOUR ETSY STORE UP AND RUNNING!!!) Here are a couple of things available in her Etsy store which I like especially. Both of these are made out of old buttons and the bracelet also has gorgeous mini dominoes – so pretty.


I bought a new fleece jacket the other day. I wear them when I am playing tennis as they are lightweight and cosy. This one had a label on it which said this.


What a fantastic idea! I had no idea that plastic bottles could become something wearable – I thought that most of them were destined for landfill and I have tried to avoid buying them, which is very difficult as so many drinks, detergents and household chemicals come in plastic bottles. My local council’s recycling scheme won’t take them so I’m glad to see that at least some of them can be put to good use. I particularly like this – it’s a chandelier made by Stuart Haygarth out of recycled plastic water bottles which were confiscated by security at Stanstead Airport. It’s beautiful even when you know what it is made of!


When my youngest son was 6 years old, his school entered him into a competition to design a Christmas card for ‘ParcelForce’ in Berkshire to use as their official Christmas card. The theme was a recycling/green/environmentally friendly sort of theme and this is what my son came up with. He won first prize!


So I think the message is, we all have to recycle, it needn’t be boring and just in case you were thinking ‘Why bother recycling? Global warming is a myth.’ Here is proof.


I rest my case :-)



7 more things about me…


This album is much bigger than I usually make. It measures 12″ x 14″ which I think is a good size for an album but not so good for me when making it! Manouvering large pieces of gluey paper and trying to keep them straight and stop the glue getting onto the front of the paper is a nightmare, they seem to develop a mind of their own and twist and stick together despite my best efforts.

I have been tagged by Kylee over at Bijoux and Banter to tell you 7 random things about myself. I think I did this meme a while ago but being me – hey! there is always more weirdness to report… :-) Kylee makes beautiful jewellery which she sells through her studio, Lunes Bijoux, in the Aude region of France. I am envious – a limitless supply of jewellery and living in France….

So here we go

1 I have a degree in Metallurgy. Never used it other than as a springboard to do other things. I guess if I had studied precious metals (see above) things might have turned out differently.

2 I love science fiction. Anything from Doctor Who and Torchwood via Star Trek and Isaac Asimov to Sunshine, The Matrix and Heroes.

3 I adore old movies too. My favourites are ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘The African Queen’.

4 I hate parking my car. I can drive happily for hours but hate parking when I get there. My confession is, in over 25 years of driving, I have never parallel parked and I once drove to Exeter in a Range Rover but as it was too tall to get into any multi storey car parks and the others were full – I drove straight home again.

5 I enjoy building flat pack furniture. Sad but true.

6 I count things. If I am sitting waiting for something, I count tiles, panes in a window, books on a shelf…

7 I collect automata. I have about 8 so far because they are quite expensive but the detail and the skill that goes into making them is astonishing. I have bought some of them from the ‘Cabaret Mechanical Theatre‘. In fact I bought my first one from them when they were based in Cornwall. It is made by Paul Spooner and this is it.


Some of other favourites were bought from a beautiful gallery in Abbotsbury in Dorset called Dansel Gallery which sells contemporary handmade furniture, jewellery and other lovely things made from wood. The caption on this one says ‘Though always keen and eager, the sheepdog never mastered the herding of carniverous sheep…’


This one says ‘Only when it was sure it was completely alone, would the camel reveal it’s secret survival pack’.


These are the rest of my collection. On the left is a wooden articulated slug which wriggles when you turn the handle. The leaflet that came with it said ‘All the fun of a slug but without the slime’. Exactly :-)


I am going to tag some people I’d like to know more about, hope you don’t mind – if you feel like doing this, then please do!

Brit out of water
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All that glitters

To continue yesterday’s shopping theme, here are some jewellery sites I have come across

green.jpeg -ethnic but contemporary jewellery from around the world

b-baublecuff1.jpg – contemporary art jewellery made from sterling silver and resin

chp03.jpg – gorgeous, unusual modern designs by famous designers such as Marc Newson and Marijke de Goey.

charm_neck2.jpg – quirky fun designs using both found and formed objects

il_430xn195650.jpg – fun jewellery using precious metals and resins

Another great place for buying and selling unusual, distinctive, sometimes even one off designs is, where you can find all sorts of crafts, clothing, jewellery, bags, belts even furniture and homewares – in fact anything made by hand.