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Christmas has been a very ‘moveable feast’. It started with a whistlestop visit ‘oop North’-ish to visit my family which was fun. They were all terribly organised and handed over Christmas cards. I hadn’t even written mine as I had lost my address book, I might have missed some folk off my list :-(   All the internet savvy amongst my friends, who send emails, are in my address book on the computer but the others were doomed to not receive one. I wonder if they noticed? I posted them at the last minute anyway so they probably didn’t arrive in time.

Another lovely cartoon from Dave Walker at

We had a lovely Christmas morning (once I had prised my sons out of bed) and I was well pleased with the gifts I received, my #2 son bought me a beautiful gold pendant which is a leaf skeleton cast in gold – quite beautiful. My other son bought me a copy of Wii Fit Plus amongst other things. I suspect he is trying to tell me something. Copies of Michael MacIntyres DVD were exchanged – I reckon every household in the UK must have at least 2 copies of his DVD right now… but it is SO funny. Here’s a taster.

I spent the rest of Christmas day with some dear friends in Somerset, who always take pity on my non-vegan son and I and invite us over for Christmas dinner. My vegan son usually heads off to Bristol (clutching the nut roast I have made for him) to spend the afternoon with his vegan buddies. We turkey guzzlers had a fab time and ate far too much as usual but hey! it’s Christmas! The next morning, I went to Cardiff to visit friends there for a couple of days. We had a wonderful time – ate far too much again, and on my return to Dorset, a couple of friends and my son’s girlfriend arrived and we have been eating and drinking and eating, ever since. Roll on the New Year and the annual diet/get fit regime.

We went to see the new Sherlock Holmes film yesterday (having tried unsuccessfully to get in to see ‘Avatar 3D’) and I loved it. The recreation of Victorian London is amazing and the lovely Robert Downey Jr is a gorgeous, hunky Sherlock Holmes, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, talking of hunky men, I have another very pleasant duty to perform. My #2 son, Ben and his friend Tom, are starting their own business. It’s called Mylo Design and they are setting up a design agency which will connect aspiring young designers who would otherwise find it hard to obtain work, with businesses who need branding and visual communications projects completed to a high standard – without paying high established design agency fees. They are approaching design students and newly qualified designers to join them

‘Becoming a Mylo designer will give you the best opportunity to immerse yourself in the creative industry, improving your portfolio and skills whilst getting paid for the work you put in. On top of this, the Mylo team will do its best to guide their designers towards getting the best out of themselves, providing all the relevant resources and support needed to become a notable force within design.’

There will also be an associated social network site where the young designers can ask advice, chat to each other and take part in forums discussing design issues. They also plan to have online tutorials and resources available.

It’s a brilliant idea and I’m sure that it will be a success. So if you know any young web or graphic designers who might be interested, let them know about Mylo Design. They also have a Facebook fan page for those of you who do FB, and already have 342 fans.

So tomorrow is the last day of 2009. The end if the ‘Noughties’ and a new decade begins. Even though it doesn’t seem five minutes since the party we held to celebrate the new millennium  and such a lot has happened in the interim – when it was good it was very, very good and when it was bad, it was horrid. So I hope 2010 is a good year for you all, I’m hoping for very good things (although I just pulled a wishbone with Ben and he got the good half) but still, I remain an optimist :-)

Have a great time tomorrow and Happy New Year!

5 responses to “Festive guzzlings…

  1. Teresa December 31, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    I can relate to your losing your address book; I lost my birthday book last December and so this year unless someone was on FB where their b-days were announced on me page, I didn’t get to wish my friend a happy birthday.

    I wish my family would give me a Wii Fit Plus; I would not take offense! ;)

    The Michael MacIntyre spice segment was hilarious…thanks for sharing; I’d never heard of him (but then again, I’ve got my head in the sand).

    I heard a review on National Public Radio about the Sherlock Holmes film and how it was much more physical than in the original books, but I love action flicks and I think Downey Jr is brilliant, so I’ll probably watch it.

    Ah! I was wondering about your connection to Mylo Designs on FB. I became a fan, even though I’m hardly young or a designer. LOL! But, I’ll be sure to tell other relevant folks about it.

    A very Happy New Year to you, dear Diane!! I’m so tickled to have met you in blogland, and look forward to many years of virtual friendship with you…hoping to one day meet you in person! xx

  2. Diane December 31, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    Michael MacIntyre is hilarious not sure if he has made it over to your side of the pond yet though.

    The Sherlock Holmes film is more of an action movie but apparently is is faithful to the books -Conan Doyle’s Sherlock was a martial arts expert according to Guy Ritchie! RDJ is really good (and hunky) and Jude Law is thrown in for good measure – what’s not to like? :-)

    It has been a real pleasure to have you as a cyber friend and I too hope we get to meet ‘in the flesh’ as it were one day. Hope your cold is better soon.

    Happy New Year!

  3. strugglingwriter January 1, 2010 at 3:14 am

    I got turned off to the Sherlock Holmes movies because of all the explosions in the trailers on TV. I’ve heard it’s a good movie, though.

    Where are you guy’s at on Doctor Who over there? The last few episodes are airing here on BBC America, which I don’t get, so I’ll have to wait for my co-worker to buy them and let me borrow them.

    How is Wii Fit Plus? I might have to buy that for the family.

  4. Diane January 1, 2010 at 10:57 am

    There are a few set piece explosions but over all it is a great film – I really enjoyed it.

    As for Doctor Who – we have the last David Tennant episode tonight :-(
    All very sad – I’m not sure about the actor playing the new doctor – but then again I liked Christopher Ecclestone and wasn’t sure about David Tennant at first, so what do I know? :-)

    Wii Fit Plus is an extension to the Wii Fit – new training activities and improvements on the old routines. I just hope I use it more than the original one…..

  5. Daddy Papersurfer January 1, 2010 at 11:15 am

    The TG and I were just discussing David Tennant and reckoned his time has come – he’s getting rather mannered now – definitely time for a change.

    Lovely to hear you’ve had a lovely Yuletide …… although I am rather concerned about the calorie intake …… I’m not the only one I suspect! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ……………..

    Have a very good New Year – hugs!!!

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