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OK a bit more masculine I think today. These books do have characters of their own …. or maybe that’s just me becoming too attached again :) I must stop thinking of them as my babies….. please stop me if I start to give them names.

I particularly like the inside paper on this one. The specks are actually gold coloured and it’s a very rich and intricate paper.

It has finally stopped raining and the river has gone back to normal. It is very surprising how quickly it changes but my garden is safe – at least until the next downpour! A couple of moorhens have taken up residence in the garden and have been joined by half a dozen wood pigeons and a couple of magpies. I guess as the water level dropped it left all sorts of goodies behind for the birds to eat. I have a badger who visits regularly. He comes under the gate from the field next door and has worn a path in my lawn to the river where he must go to drink every night. Occasionally he raids my dustbin too, which is not so sweet.

I was just checking my blog stats (all very pleasing- progress in the right direction and all that) and I was amazed at the terms that people put into search engines and end up at my blog. Here are a selection from the last week.

  • strawberry
  • interesting facts to put in your blog
  • beautiful house
  • sexual energy play
  • bread recipe
  • interesting facts about GUMMI BEARS
  • “iPod” and “newspaper”
  • Shakespeare
  • licking wet shoes
  • opposite of a vampire
  • seeing spots before my eyes

This is in addition to the expected enquiries about aspects of bookbinding and calligraphy. I’m astonished by several of these. When have I ever mentioned ‘sexual energy play’ on my blog and are there any interesting facts about Gummi Bears? And ‘licking wet shoes’ – what’s that all about?

3 responses to “How very odd….

  1. strugglingwriter November 19, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    I would describe this one as rugged, at least from the picture. I like it (big surprise, right?)

    Those are some interesting search terms. I never get good ones like that. Mine are actually pretty close to the content on my site.

    Plus, don’t we all want to lick a wet shoe now and then? I mean, what else would you do with a wet shoe?

  2. blueseaglass November 19, 2007 at 3:18 pm

    Licking wet shoes. Whoa. Definately NOT gonna try it.

    I love this book! The combination of textures is perfect!

    thank you for your kind words on my blog. MUCH appreciated I assure you.

    My son’s middle name is badger. Its an old family name. Have you any pictures of said badger? We have never known anyone with a badger in their space regularily!

  3. Diane November 19, 2007 at 3:43 pm

    SW – I guess if you’re a dog maybe.. :) I suppose I get the silly search terms because I do occasionally ‘go walkabout’ and talk about odd things and I’m not complaining – all are welcome! But I do worry that someone who is concerned about seeing spots before their eyes ends up looking at my books!

    blueseaglass – thanks! I only know it’s a badger because my eldest son heard a noise outside and saw the badger. It had knocked the bin over and dragged the rubbish all over the place searching for food. I said ‘Why didn’t you stop it!’ He said ‘ But it was a badger!’
    It only comes at night but I’d love to get a photo of him sometime.

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