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Well, back from a wonderful weekend in London with L and his son. The birthday gift was a success (I think). The books were very warmly received but then L is always very generous with his praise so he could have been humouring me but I don’t think he was!

We went to the Anthony Gormley exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. One of the works is called ‘Event Horizon’ and involves over 30 life sized metal figures placed on various roof tops around the gallery. Very eerie and wonderful.


We walked miles across London, ending up on Primrose Hill, which has what must be the best view over London.


Since I got back from London, I have been working on a web site I am developing so have been glued indoors and I was very relieved when a friend arrived today and we went out to West Bay with our cameras. We also took Polaroid cameras as we wanted to get some good shots to turn into emulsion lifts (a process which involves soaking the polaroid in warm water and the emulsion lifts off. It can then be mounted on another surface such as watercolour paper. Follow the link to Polaroid’s web site where the process is described and demonstrated.)

My polaroid camera which I bought on eBay is ancient yet did take some sweet shots occasionally but was very temperamental. Luckily, I had taken my Pentax DSLR and got some shots of West Bay which I quite like. I might revisit at a different time of day, it was very busy today

So, this has been a very long post and no new books to report. I am about make on a special sketch book for L’s son and I am itching to start it.

But first I must finish the web site. Even though the sun is shining and my camera is calling and I want to make books. Must be strong…

2 responses to “Playing hookey…

  1. confessing7girl August 23, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    oh London brings me back such good memories!! i was there last year just for a week!! but i absolutely loved it!! it was fantastic, the london eye, the tower of london, the tate museums!! oh i loved it ……….. well thanks for bringing all that memories back!

  2. Diane August 23, 2007 at 2:12 pm

    I love going there too – I live in Dorset so a trip to London is a treat for me too. (Especially as it means I get to see my boyfriend!)
    Your blog looks fun- I can see I shall be spending lots of time reading it!

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