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After THE book, back to my books…

Spent the weekend, along with most of the world it seems, racing to read the latest Harry Potter epic, so to deal with that quickly – loved it, sad there are to be no more. Now back to the real world and back to making books.

Decided to try a different binding method using Coptic sewing which looked very complicated but actually wasn’t. I also wanted to use up some scraps of paper I had lying around so used two colours of Wookey Hole Paper Mill handmade paper for the text block and a scrap of Indian paper with silk fibres for the covers.


The stitching was very similar to chain stitch and looked very neat. I found it was easier using a curved needle to get underneath the stitching.



Overall, I was quite pleased with the finished book but the colours were a bit too subtle for me – I like a bit of colour and drama. I have bought some new paper today which is very dramatic and sophisticated so I think I am going to go back to the ribbon mounted binding for the next few books. I’ll keep you posted…

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