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Joseph to the rescue!

A July day at Hampton Court

Well, a hectic couple of days. Yesterday, I went to the Hampton Court Flower Show. Not being one of life’s natural gardeners, I was not planning on going until an old friend asked me to revamp his web site. He runs a company which manages, staffs and merchandises trade stands for other gardening companies at all the large gardening shows. I was there to take photographs of his teams in action on the four trade stands they were managing at Hampton Court. So far so good.

The journey up took me two hours from Dorset to within 5 miles of Hampton Court and a further two hours to do the last 5 miles. The traffic jams were appalling, there was no parking. I managed to take the photographs (I must confess that these funky matching gardening gloves and matching clogs almost tempted me to take up gardening)


But then the heavens opened so I beat a hasty retreat and headed to the hotel I had booked in Richmond. It took me two hours to travel to Richmond thanks to even more atrocious traffic (and me getting hopelessly lost trying to find my hotel). Anyway, finally found it (the Bingham-very ’boutique’, all taupe walls and wenge furniture). Spent a very dull evening by myself-what a waste of a gorgeous hotel room!

This morning I went exploring in Richmond and marvellously, after visiting LK Bennett, Karen Millen, Coast, Whistles, Monsoon, Reiss, Fenn,Wright and Manson, French Connection and Hobbs (and those are just the ones I remember), I found it. THE DRESS! I went into Joseph. I caught sight of a dress. It was the only one, it was the right size, it was half price – it was meant to be! If you read my previous post ‘Wedding Blues’ you will appreciate my delight that the search for the dress to wear to my friend’s wedding next week is finally over. I even realise on returning home that I already have the perfect pair of shoes to wear with this dress. Shoes I haven’t yet worn, they have been waiting for this dress. My joy is complete.

Now I just have to find the perfect wedding gift…

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