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I love to watch people dancing the tango and it is one of my ambitions to learn how to dance it before I am too old and decrepit to dance it well! Several months ago, I saw an Argentinian tango company perform in Bournemouth and was just knocked out by the dexterity and sensuousness of the dance. My favourite of all the dance themed ‘idents’ which used to appear before programmes on BBC1 until recently, was the tango clip. The lead couple included a girl with impossibly long, lithe legs and she became for me the embodiment of how I imagined I would look if I ever learned to dance the tango. (Dream on!) You can watch the clip by following this link.

I was thrilled today to find this video on YouTube of YoYo Ma performing ‘Libertango’ by Astor Piazzolla, a wonderful piece of tango music which I love. (I even love the Grace Jones version.)

and then I found this video of Yo Yo Ma playing ‘Libertango’ accompanied by some wonderful dancers and I believe, the video director, Sally Potter, having a tango lesson and dancing beautifully. I think it is taken from the film ‘The Tango Lesson’ directed by and starring Sally Potter.

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