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Jungle drums

As the only unmusical member of my immediate family – both sons play guitar well, ex-husband plays guitar and writes music (see http://www.myspace/gtaband for examples of his music), I was very interested in this video which features a musical instrument called a hang drum. A beautiful sound indeed. I reckon even I could coax something vaguely musical out of one of these but apparently they are only made by one guy living in Bern in Switzerland. And to make matters worse, as demand for them has increased, he has taken his web site down and will only consider making one for you if you visit him, by appointment, in Switzerland! See this link for further information and links to more hang drum videos
so my fledgling musical career has been stopped in its tracks before it has even begun. Probably just as well as I have quite enough hobbies to contend with as it is. What is it they say? “Jack of all trades, master of none”, that’s me!

One response to “Jungle drums

  1. Stratoblogster June 15, 2007 at 4:22 am

    Thanks for visiting Stratoblogster! Like you, I’m so disappointed that the Hang Drum is not more widely available. I think someone else will make them eventually.

    You have a very nice blog– keep blogging!!


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