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Gone fishing


Went to Hive Beach on Saturday evening for a walk and to watch the sun go down. The beach was full – even at 8 in the evening, with people fishing and barbecuing and just generally enjoying the warm evening sun. They were reeling in mackerel, sometimes three at a time, the sea was teaming with them. I sat and watched as my L photographed the boys fishing – and I photographed him in action. Although I used my small Casio camera, I managed to catch a couple of nice shots.

The next day we went to Mapperton (venue for the wedding we are attending in a month’s time) and as well as photographing the chickens milling about in the courtyard, we photographed each other in the stunning Italianate gardens. On viewing the results I came to a drastic decision that I need to lose a lot of weight and tone up. The gap between my mental image of myself (still a skinny 21 year old) and reality as depicted in these photographs, is huge and increasing. Even an experienced photographer like L can’t reconcile the two (even with his mastery of Photoshop). Quite devastating to my already wobbly ego. I have my photograph taken so rarely these days that seeing unguarded shots is quite a shock. So another day, another target, slim down before the wedding in a month’s time, which hopefully will be do-able. We shall see.

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