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Inspirational book design

Whilst spending my usual daily half hour ‘Stumbling’ around the internet, I came across this web site which is really beautiful. One of my hobbies (which I came to from my interest in calligraphy) is bookbinding and this web site has some beautiful examples of handmade and inspirational books.

My current idea of heaven is a visit to Shepherds on Rochester Row in London, an Aladdin’s cave of beautiful Japanese and marbled papers, fine bookbinding leather and all the wonderful ribbons, threads and tools needed for this fascinating craft.

Falkiner’s on Southampton Row is another paper heaven. To quote their web site – soon to offer online shopping – hurrah!)

“Our entire range will be available to buy on-line which includes thousands of papers sourced throughout the world, a huge selection of bookbinder’s materials and equipment, calligraphy supplies, books, gifts, origami papers, journals, albums, archival storage and conservation materials. ” Bliss.

My other favourite haunt is a wonderful place on Great Russell Street, L. Cornelissen and Son.  This gorgeous place was established in 1855 and still has the feel of a 19th century apothecary’s shop, selling a wide range of artists’ materials and gilding supplies. The pigments, gums and resins are displayed in jars on mahogany shelves and the whole atmosphere can almost persuade you that you have stepped back in time. Whilst I realise that online shopping is a must for any business in this day and age, to use it is to miss out on the unique experience of visiting this divine shop.


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