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Things that make you go 'hmm'…

More calligraphy…


A few more pieces of calligraphy.

The first one was a fun experiment with cut out letterforms. The second one was etched onto a mirror tile which seemed appropriate for the Edgar Allen Poe quotation. The third piece was a quotation from the ‘Exeter Book of Riddles’ a manuscript which contained the largest collection of Anglo Saxon poetry and which was given to Exeter Cathedral by Bishop Leofric in the 11th century.

The spiral uses a poem called ‘Mother Goose’s Garland by Archibald MacLeish which I love despite its strange title.

Around, around the sun we go;

The Moon goes ’round the earth,

We do not die of death,

We die of vertigo.

The last piece was sketched out while listening to Elgar’s cello concerto. The task was to produce a piece of calligraphy inspired by the rhythms and melodies in the music.

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