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Hand written

illuminated1.gifFrakturshadow.gifelastic2.gifkites.gifseasons.gifweave.gifceltic1.gifacrostic.gifshakespear.gifstripes.gifStained glass windows

I used to attend a calligraphy class which I always enjoyed and found to be a very therapeutic hobby. For a long time, it took over my life and I produce a huge amount of work of varying quality which I stored away, never to see the light of day. I came across it yesterday and decided that maybe some of it could be given an outing. Double click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.

Look in my links for sites containing inspirational calligraphy by my favourite calligraphers.

My two favourite calligraphy books are the exemplary ‘Calligraphy’ by Claude Mediavilla – a magnificently comprehensive guide to calligraphy. Read a review here

and the beautiful ‘Belle Lettere’ edited by Carlo Buffa – a book which contains all the entries to the international Belle Lettere Award held in 1997. A total of 78 works by 50 artists from 12 countries – truly inspirational and beautifully printed and bound.

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