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Better late than never…

Chesil Beach from PortlandPortland Bill

Number two son is home from university. He suggested a belated Mothers’ day lunch yesterday and took me to a pub he had discovered by the beach at Osmington. We then came home the scenic route via Portland, which as it was a sunny day, was looking rather better than usual. It really is a strange place with a very other-worldly atmosphere. Wide streets, wide open spaces and hardly any people about.

Last night, we watched the DVD of ‘The History Boys’. Some wonderful dialogue but it seems rather ‘staged’, its roots as a stage play rather obvious and possibly better suited to this form.

This morning we got up early. The battle for Glastonbury tickets began at 9am and we had two laptops and our phones continuously attempting to get through to the ticket agents. My son’s mobile was constantly ringing as his friends checked progress and boasted of their success, much to our frustration. Finally, after 90 minutes, he got through and we ordered our tickets and two for his friends who had also been trying without success. Joy!

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  1. robsellen August 18, 2007 at 2:13 pm


    My home!! ;)

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