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A very ordinary day


Hive Beach, Burton Bradstock

Achievements today:

Baked bread, using the wonderful ‘No Knead Bread’ recipe, courtesy of the New York Times. Never thought I was the bread baking type but this recipe is idiot proof, so even I can manage it. Have become evangelical about spreading the word and even my two sons have had a try. Will post recipe tomorrow.

Read another 100 pages of ‘War and Peace ‘. Now know as much as I probably need to about the battle of Borodino.

Started the CSS section of the web authoring course I am working through. Am finding the whole thing totally engrossing and find it hard to pace myself so that I actually digest it, I want to speed through the whole thing in one session.

Managed to eat sensibly all day and then ate a whole bag of Maltesers so diet is shot to pieces.

Went for walk on Hive Beach so at least got some exercise. I love going there in the winter when the crowds are absent (or are sitting in the Hive Beach Cafe) and I feel like I have the beach to myself.

Helped number 2 son to pack for his skiing trip to Val Thorens. Once he had gone, house felt very empty and untidy. He was home for under 24 hours but the chaos he created was quite something. Truth be told, I like it. The house is far too tidy when it’s just me here.

So that’s my day. Not very scintillating, but curiously satisfying.

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